Carta-Samuels Happy To See Game Time spoke Wednesday with sophomore quarterback K.J. Carta-Samuels, who has benefited from some playing time in both Washington wins so far this fall.

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On getting game reps early this season “It’s definitely good to get that experience, so that time when they do need me or when my name is called, whatever happens, if something happens, I can be ready.”

How much more valuable is a game rep than a practice rep? “Not much. It’s really just about having someone else on the other side. We go up against our defense every day, so we know exactly what they’re going to run, or the looks that they kind of run. It’s good to go against another opponent that runs different schemes and different kind of coverages so I can get more practice against different coverages so I can get more practice against different coverages. It’s definitely different just from that perspective, but when you’re on the field you’re not really thinking about the fans and stuff. You’re really just playing and you’re locked into what you’re doing. It’s not that different.”

What does an average week of practice look like for you? “It’s very mixed. They definitely filter me in there to try to get all the plays repped so I know actually how to rep them and how to perform the plays, so when I go in the game I’m not kind of like ‘what’s going on?’ But there are limited reps because it’s practice week and we don’t have that many days, so Jake (Browning) does need to take most of the reps. It’s  more the mental work and the mental preparation just kind of sitting behind and watching and understanding what’s going on so I can perform those plays to the same execution that Jake does.”

On the competition with Tony Rodriguez in fall camp “Like you said, it was very back and forth. Some days I had a good day, some days he had a great day or he had a great week and I didn’t have a great week. That’s all it was. It really was just a competition like that, just back and forth, back and forth. We just really played and just left it out on the field. We had fun and we’re still competing. We’re still competing for sure right now. It’s a lot of fun. He’s one of my best friends.”

What’s your confidence level compared to last year? “Definitely more confident. With just more time you get more confidence. Just being around the program for so long and in the offense. Like I said when I first got here it’s kind of rough to jump from a completely different style and system of offense. So definitely over time Ive definitely gained more confidence as this has gone on. I just feel ready at anytime honestly. I’m happy about the way that I feel in the offense and I’m just excited to get some opportunities.”

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