Post Game Video - Pete Kwiatkowski

Here's what Husky defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski had to say following Washington's 41-3 win over Portland State...

How well did your experience with the pistol at Boise State help you? “Oh yeah. It helped because having had to defend it before, you know the weaknesses of certain defenses and you know the strength of certain defenses in playing it. We spent a lot of time this week getting our eyes right, because that’s what it boils down to. The guys have to be in position based off of the call and they have to do a great job with their eyes so they don’t get fooled. For the most part, I think we did a pretty good job.”

What was the plan for spying Karesa? “Yeah. That was definitely part of the game plan. Start getting them into third downs and when they were in third downs being able to play a little bit tighter coverage, more man type of stuff. We had guys, whether it was four man rush or maybe a linebacker, but we were very aware of his ability. Even with that, you saw he’s a good player and he’s fast, quick, and elusive. He got outside the pocket and made some plays with his legs.”

Karesa played as advertised? “Yeah. Exactly. That’s his game. He’s going to drop back; if it’s not there he’s going to try to buy some time and either get positive yardage with his legs or find something down field and throw it to him.”

How well do you feel these three games prepared you for conference play? “Always, when you play live opponents you go in and hopefully you’re going to start with that first game and be able to tackle like you want to. I think for the most part we’ve done a good job of that. Now going into league play things are going to change. We have to keep working on getting better at our fundamentals and techniques, whether it’s tackling or block protection or coverage. Just keep taking it one day at a time.”

Is it exciting that you know they can get better? “Yeah. That’s what the game is all about. You get so many opportunities to go out there and preform on Saturdays. The guys have bought into the philosophy that every day is a chance to get better and you only have so many of these opportunities. You’ve got to prepare to the best of your ability and there’s no other game than the next on eon the docket.”

What did Greg Gaines do that was special? “Just being Greg (Gaines). He’s come so far from when he was just a freshman. We were joking about it earlier in the week. His understanding of leverage and how to play blocks and use his strength, and his strengths, his quickness and his power, to his advantage. He practices and plays at a high level. That’s all you can ask for.”

What about this group allows them to create turnovers? “We talk about it a lot. We work on it a lot in practice. It’s those guys going out and executing. The one play on (Ezekiel Turner) there. I think he fell or something. He was in coverage on the guy and the guy caught it, but he didn’t give up on it. Until they cross that goal line we still have another shot. He came down and made a play and forced a fumble and we were able to get it.”

On the defenses mentality on the goal line “One of the things - teams are going to make plays. It’s how you reposing when they make a play. There’s no panic out there. There’s going to be closer games coming down the docket here. These guys have been - the goal is to train them to be able to handle that adversity and bounce back. That play’s over and we’re moving on to the next one.”

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