Post Game Video - Jimmy Lake

Here's what Husky defensive backs coach Jimmy Lake had to say following Washington's 41-3 win over Portland State...

On Taylor Rapp earning his first start “It really started back in spring football. Had a really good spring football. Came in as a true freshman and he learned this defense so quickly. We’ve been able to put him at multiple positions. It was, again, a match up for this game that we felt was going to be really, really good. It was just a decision that we made early in the week and he played a really good game.”

On forcing a few turnovers today “Our job is to score or get the ball back. That’s what we preach to these guys every single day. We compete everyday to get the ball in practice. We’re trying to get interceptions, we’re trying to get strips, we’re trying to get fumbles. It’s just fun to watch those guys fight, scratch, and claw and try to get the ball. We came away with some today, and hopefully we keep that thing going week in and week out.”

On takeaways from the first few games “I’m really pleased with how well we’re tackling right now and how we’re swarming to the football. That obviously helps tackling because if the first guy misses, now the second, third, fourth guys there and those guys are just, they’re all playing together right now as 11 and they’re doing a really good job of swarming to the football and we just have to keep that thing going. We just have to know. We have to trust our leverage. We know if one guy misses, the next guy is going to be right there to help him out.”

On the defensive start and carry over to conference play “I think what I’m excited about, as a coach, is we’re tackling really well right now. We’re keeping the ball in the chute. We’re making sure there are no big gains in the pass game or in the run game. We’ve also done a good job of getting turnovers in the first three games. So if we can keep playing that physical style of play, be very, very smart, understanding situational football, and at the end of the day what we preach to these guys is our job is to score and the ball back. Hopefully we can put some more scores up here in the next few weeks.” Top Stories