Post Game Video - Sidney Jones

Here's what Washington junior cornerback Sidney Jones had to say following Washington's 41-3 win over Portland State...

On the defensive effort “We were just aggressive and hungry. Come out with that fierce intensity. Just never let down, never stop.”

On his first interception “Yeah, it’s kind of been boring, the first two games. This game was a little more exciting I guess. I got my first pick; that’s exciting.”

What did you think about the Ezekiel Turner near interception? “I thought he caught it. That would have been cool for him. He would have had a forced fumble and a pick. I was just hoping they would give it to him. More turnovers for us.”

On the defense coming up with some big turnovers “It’s just our mentality, never back down. Never slow down. If somebody keeps driving, keep fighting, keep fighting. That’s our whole mentality. You might get a big play on us or keep driving on us, but we’re never going to stop. That’s where we create turnovers. The rest happens.”

On having a solid defensive front that lets the secondary do their thing “Big credit to them. They make everything happen. We just kind of like finish it off. So it’s a great team work, team effort type thing. Three yards, that’s all them. Bug credit to them again.”

How much momentum does your good start as a defense carry into conference play? “It’s pretty big momentum for us. That’s our expectation to do our best, keep them from scoring as least points as possible. We just want to keep that energy flowing throughout the PAC-12.”

On Taylor Rapp starting “No, I didn’t give him any advice. He prepared all week for it. He’s ready. Young guy with a lot of talent. He’s just going to blossom to that great player.”

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