Post Game Video - Jake Browning

Here's what Husky sophomore QB Jake Browning had to say following Washington's 41-3 pummeling of Portland State...

On momentum heading into conference play “Yeah, it was a good 3-0 start. That’s what we wanted. Been able to get a lot of people to play. Here comes the PAC-12 and as we all know, every PAC-12 game is a big game. Anybody can beat anybody. That’s just how it’s been the last couple years. You have to go into every game with attention to detail and just getting ready. We’re back to it tomorrow, just getting ready for Arizona.”

What have you learned about the team through three games? “I think last year we didn’t really start as fast. That was in the beginning, that was kind of something we focused on I remember at one point in the season. I thought we started, with the exception of the Idaho game, but even then we put up a lot of points in the second quarter. I think it just kind of proved we’re not looking past anything, we’re focused on the game, which I’m sure you guys have heard millions of times from everybody on our team and coach Petersen and all the coaches. We’re just going to continue that approach and get ready for Arizona.”

On Chico McClatcher’s progression “Yeah, I think I’ve kind of gone through that too. You just have that second year and having a whole offseason under your belt. There’s nothing specific you can say about it. You’re here longer and you have more reps and I think he’s benefitting a lot from what (John) Ross and Dante (Pettis) have been able to do too. You can’t really just lock in on one person. You have to cover the whole field. They’re all feeding off each other. Then you have Darrell (Daniels) involved there a little bit throwing back across the field. I think it’s been gelling well and Myles (Gaskin) looked good. Kind of felt like we were hitting on all cylinders for a while.”

On the running game “I feel good. We’ve put up a lot of points. I think the first three games we’ve obviously put up a lot of points, so everyone is looking for something, like ‘what is going on with - let’s talk about the run game.’ We put up a lot of points in three games. Sooner or later people are going to have to stop playing off a little bit more. I think you saw that later in the game. People are going to have to start playing off more. That’s when Myles take over. We’ve all seen what he can do. No one is doubting him. I think Jomon (Dotson) is a great back. Lavon (Coleman) is a great back. Myles is Myles; he’s going to do his thing. We all saw that. Sooner or later he’s going to take over at some point and we’re all going to be thinking ‘what were we thinking?’”

Do you wonder how you’ll react when you first face adversity as an offense? “Seeing it live and having to go through the adversity in an actual game where it really, really counts is one thing, but we’ve been through spring ball, been through fall camp. We’ve definitely faced adversity in practice. Can that transfer to the game? I think that’s the big thing. I don’t have any doubt that we’ll be able to handle it. You never really know until you know. We’ll see.”

Is is a relief to be through this part of the schedule and on to conference play? “Yeah. You want to start 3-0, but hopefully next week we’re talking about this and we’re 4-0. Just one game at a time. It’s definitely nice getting into PAC-12 play because those are the teams you come here wanting to play. You want to play in the PAC-12, you want to play all the PAC-12 teams.”

Does preparation feel different in PAC-12 play? ‘No. Not at all. You have to prepare every game like it’s the super bowl.”

Did you say anything to Budda Baker after his drop? “I told Budda (Baker) he hates touchdown. I don’t know what his deal is. Budda is very explosive and playing both sides of the ball is pretty hard. I think it’s hard to transition quickly like that. He’s one of our best players. We’re just trying to get him the ball a couple of times. We’ll see where that goes.”

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