Post Game Video - Greg Gaines

Here's what Husky DT Greg Gaines had to say following Washington's big 41-3 win over Portland State...

On his big game “I had a lot of fun. That was pretty much it. I just had a good time.”

On getting a lot of push today “I appreciate that. Thank you. I try to do it every game. Sometimes it just works, sometimes it doesn’t.”

Is keeping teams out of the end zone something you pride yourselves in? “Oh yeah. Definitely. We don’t want anyone scoring on any of our defenses. We do like not having anyone score on the ones.”

Does it feel good to get through this part of the schedule and on to conference play? “Yeah, I’m definitely excited to get onto conference play. It’s a lot more exciting I think. It’s going to be a good tim. We’re going to have a good season.” Top Stories