Budda Baker Still A Defender At Heart

It's natural for reporters to want to ask Budda Baker about his growing role with the Washington offense, but the junior safety had to keep reminding us - he's a defender. That's what he's always wanted to be.

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On being a three way player “It will be pretty cool, all three sides of the ball, but at the end of the day I just want to win games.”

On what it means to get to play close to home “It’s great. Going on my third year, seeing my family in the same spot each year. It’s great. Have great support system here. It’s real cool to be from here and play college football here.”

What is it about offense that’s unique for you? “I’m a defensive player all the way, but when I play offense it’s different because I haven’t played offense in a long time, since high school. I feel like right now I need to get repetition and all that kind of stuff. In high school I felt like you could just play offense and play defense, but in college it’s way different.”

Do you still think playing offense is something you want to pursue? “I mean, for me, I’m a defensive player so at the end of the day it would be cool to play offense, but at the end of the day I’m a defensive player. Whatever the coaches say I’m good for.”

Did you mostly play tailback in high school? “Yeah mostly halfback. Going to Bellevue, we ran a ‘Wing-T,’ we didn’t really pass a lot.”

What went in the decision to try you more asa receiver? “I don’t know. That’s a coach Petersen type of question.”

How do you feel about receiver? “It’s pretty new to me. Being a defensive player, I’ve been playing defense freshman, sophomore year. Playing a little bit of offense junior year, it’s pretty different, especially at the college level.”

How much time do you spend with the offense during a practice week? “Maybe just a couple periods. At the end of the day I’m a defensive player; I need to get all my defensive stuff correct before even thinking about doing any type of offense stuff.”

What do you know about they Arizona receivers? “I mean, even last year those receivers were really good to us. Watching film right now. Watching film yesterday. They have some short receivers, guys like me. A little less weight, but really fast, really quick, can get out of their breaks. It’s going to be a big challenge for us.”

Does PAC-12 play feel different? “As of right now, no not really. We try to teach ourselves that each game is the best game you ever have. For us, we’re just approaching it like any other game.”

How difficult is it to go on the road? “For us, we preach on SWAT team mentality. Get in there and get out. It’s not like a vacation; it’s a business trip. Once we go in there, get in the hotels, treat the hotels respectfully, go on the field and hopefully get a win and then get out and get gone.”

Is there a different feel for PAC-12? “OF course, maybe just a little bit. It’s PAC-12. You’re in your own division playing against teams. That’s really special. At the end of the day those last three games, we can’t put anything negative about those last three games. Those were great games. We taught and learned everything from those teams an those players. Now it’s just another team.”

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