Tevis Bartlett: Amped Up For Conference Play

Dawgman.com spoke Tuesday with sophomore linebacker Tevis Bartlett, who admitted that things get just a little more amped up when Pac-12 play comes. And it'll be here this weekend for the Huskies, who travel to Arizona for a 7:30 Saturday night game.

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On wrestling compared to football “Yeah, definitely. Wrestling is definitely one of the hardest sports out there. We like to think if we can wrestle everything else is pretty easy.”

Do you wish at all that you competed in college for wrestling? “I definitely miss the sport. I miss a lot about it. I’m happy with my choice and happy being here playing football.”

Does anything change when going on the road? “I think we have to approach it the same way. As far as our mentality goes, coach Petersen talks about SWAT team mentality. We just go down there, stay focused on what we’re down there to do, and as long as we do that, and just like I said, focus on what we’re there to do and not worry about anything else then I think we’ll be alright.”

On Arizona “I just know we have to make sure we’re containing the quarterbacks. They do a lot of things really well. They changed up their offense a little bit form the last time we played them. We have to be ready for all the adjustments they’re going to make and be ready to make adjustments ourselves.”

On the transition from out of conference schedule to conference play “I think for me personally, yeah it was a lot different for me the first time being around it. I think that the feeling around the building was just a little bit different, just because everybody is excited to play in the PAC-12. Not that we didn’t respect and dint want to play those other guys, but I think everything is kind of just amped up a little bit. I was excited then to get into PAC-12 play and I’m excited now.”

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