Joe Mathis Dishes On Arizona’s Quarterbacks

Anu Solomon or Brandon Dawkins? Arizona Head Coach Rich Rodriguez hasn't named a starting quarterback yet, but Joe Mathis isn't concerned. The senior outside linebacker dished on both players to the media Tuesday ahead of Washington's trip down to the desert to face the Wildcats on Saturday night.

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Does playing a quarterback like Alex Kuresa help prepare you for Arizona? “Yeah. One, number 12 (Anu Solomon) isn’t that fast, but he has a really good arm. (Brandon Dawkins) is really fast and he can change the game with his legs. We have to keep him in contain, keep hitting him, because last week when we kept hitting the Portland State quarterback, he stopped running at the end. We have to make them feel us.”

On the Arizona offensive line “Really big, strong when they get their hands on you. They’re a good line. Struggle a little bit on movement, but they’re a really good line.”

Does PAC-12 feel different? “It’s party time now. Get ready for PAC-12 play. There isn’t anything better than PAC-12 play. We’re really going to see what our team is about playing against Arizona first. We have to set the tone in the PAC-12. We’re here. We want to stay here. We just have to learn how to do adversity. It’s going to be a challenge this week. It’s going to be a sudden change, if they’re up on us, how are we going to respond.”

Is PAC-12 play different? “Yeah. It’s a lot faster playing against PAC-12. Different conferences I feel aren’t that fast. The PAC-12 is a difference in speed and more athletically demanding stuff. That’s the most different thing. The crowd and all that stuff. The stadiums are louder I feel like.”

On the difference between pass rushing two different style quarterbacks “A guy sitting in the pocket, I can hit a double move. I can really force the inside move. A guy that can run, you have to be patient. If you get a first move and you beat the guy, you have to go get them. You can’t just be going slow and stuff. You just go. That’s one thing about a fast guy. If you hit a move on an o-lineman, just go. On a slower guy you can hit a double move and you have more time because he’s not going to be running around and stuff.”

Is preparing for two quarterbacks harder? “I’m more confident in our unit. Our unit, I feel like we’re really going to shut them down. He’s a good player. (Brandon Dawkins) can change the game with his legs. But as a unit I feel like we’re ready because last week got us ready.”

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