Senior DB Has High Praise For Taylor Rapp

Senior Kevin King has been around the block a couple times, so he knows what it takes to play in the Pac-12. That's why it was interesting to hear his thoughts on true freshman Taylor Rapp, who earned his first career UW start this past Saturday versus Portland State.

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On Taylor Rapp starting “It’s big. I remember back to my true freshman year when I got my first start against Colorado. I remember how I felt. I talked to him about it and make sure that he’s alright, but he had been playing special teams a lot. He’s been getting his feet wet in terms of playing in front of a crowd and the intensity and stuff like that. He wasn’t that nervous. He was prepared. He’s been here since spring. He’s one of the most polished freshman that I’ve ever seen coming in. He was ready and he went in there and he handled business. I’m proud of him. I’m happy for him. It will continue to roll.”

On his pass interference call on what would have been an interception “I might have - it was tough. Right when I turned around he was right there. I was going for the ball but kind of went through him. I guess it could have gone either way. I was just playing the ball. When the ball is in the air I try to turn into a receiver and the ball is mine just as much as it is his. I’m going to continue to do that. Whenever the ball is in the air, we’re going to go after it. And that’s everyone on our defense, everybody in our secondary and the whole defense. The ball, that’s what matters first. We’re tying to get it back for our offense or we’re trying to score ourselves.”

Does conference play feel different “I think maybe that’s what’s a little different about this team, that the preparation is not different. That’s one of the reasons why we’ve been playing like we’ve been playing these first three games. Everybody has been on that next level. Everybody has been prepared, tremendously prepared. We’ve been knowing the insides and outs of offenses and schemes, formations, and everything like that. If we keep it up we can keep the ball rolling going into PAC-12 play.”

On preparing for a mobile quarterback like Brandon Dawkins “We just have to contain him, force everything back inside. We know our leverage. We just go out there and play fast, keep him in contain, try to limit the big plays, and we can live to see another down. If he gets out of the pocket, just keep in him contain. Everybody is going to be in their place. There’s going to be 11 guys hunting to the ball. If he can get past 11 guys then hats off to him.”

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