Who Has An Advantage Between Smith and Yates?

In the chess match between Washington's offense and Arizona's defense, you have two coordinators with Boise State roots - Jonathan Smith and Marcel Yates. So who has the upper hand? We spoke with Smith Wednesday to get his take on what he's seen from Yates and the Arizona defense so far.

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Is there any concern about Arizona not having your attention? “No. They have our attention. Each week in and out we’re preaching and our kids are continuing to practice. Everybody we play on a Saturday is going to have our attention. It’s going to be a great test in an awesome environment. We’re looking forward to it.”

Do you see differences in Arizona’s defense from what Marcel Yates did at Boise State? “Yeah. He’s got a variety of things in his package. You look at some of the tape from last year, but it’s a different personnel over there at Arizona. I’m sure he has similar stuff in their package, but what they’ve shown so far, it is different.”

Any particular changes? “Just coverages. Coverages are a little bit different. Playing a little more post safety versus open-middle coverage. Things of that nature. Again, it goes back to the personnel of what he had previous. What’s similar is those guys play with great effort. They fly around and they’re an aggressive style of defense.”

Does Arizona do unique things defensively? “Each scheme has a little but differences. Similar people go from a three-down front to a four-down front. We’ve seen a decent amount of that. We do that ourselves. They do move that d-line around and they’re athletic, which shows up. They play pretty hard and are aggressive.”

Did you get to see everything out of Jake you wanted to these first few games? “No, not totally. We’re not down on him at all. I think he’s played well. Some of it is just because of limited calls. You look at some of the games and we played really a half and we got into some different things in the third quarter. So we haven’t seen everything.”

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