Hamdan Looking To Build The Complete Receiver

Dawgman.com spoke Wednesday with Washington Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan, who also goes back a ways with current Arizona DC Marcel Yates. Hamdan talked about his respect for Yates, what he expects to see Saturday from Arizona's defensive backs, and his quest to build the complete receiver.

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How much value is there looking at the opener last year against Marcel Yates’ defense? “I think there’s always value. Any week you’re looking at your opponent, but you’re looking at yourself and so I think it’s ‘what did you do well? What are they preparing for? What did you not do so well? And what are you going to have to show that you can overcome?” I think every week it’s a little bit of both.”

On Brayden Lenius “We’re taking it one step at a time and really want to do the best thing for him. Right now we just have to get him practicing and continuing to feel better.”

How would you access the receivers so far? “We’re making progress. I think just in the pass game overall I think we’re doing some good things. A lot better communication I think each week with our quarterback and getting on the same page. I think we’re doing some good things on the outside. Obviously this is a big week to go do it.”

Are there specific things you want to work on? “Yeah. I think we’re always looking to develop he complete wide receiver. It comes from all phases. That’s releases off the line of scrimmage and creating separation versus man. It’s blocking in the run game. It’s making big time plays. I think we just need to continue to grow and develop an understanding for what the defense is giving us. At times they play us soft. We have to be able to throw and catch. If they come after us, we have to make plays downfield.”

What’s your relationship with Arizona defensive coordinator Marcel Yates? “Great respect for Marcel Yates. Some of my closest friends, my former teammates, all played for him. He was our defensive backs coach when I was in college. I just have a lot of respect for him, always will. Whether I tell him that or not I hope he knows that. His defenses are always going to play extremely tough, extremely fast. The back end is always going to be coached up extremely well. Great challenge, but can’t just say enough good things about him.”

On differences in defenses between last year at Boise State and this year at Arizona “Yeah. I don’t know. I think defenses these days in general all have the ability to do a variety of different of things. Obviously the personnel is different from going from one place to another. You tailor to that personnel. I still think we saw a good variety of things  in Boise last year. Just like anything, first three four games of the year, have to really expect anything.”

Do they press? “They haven’t shown to be as much press as we’ve seen. But again you just never know. That’s the biggest thing we can say. You never really know early on. Third downs they’ve shown a little more of that, but in general they’ve been a little bit more of coverage.”

On Arron Fuller “I think coach Petersen always mentions we want to get smart and savvy football players, and those are the two things that really jump out about him. I think he’s a guy that we’ve been able to play early. Never too high, never too low, doesn’t get too amped up for games. He’s a smart player, so we can put him in some different spots. He’s been a consistent player in the room.”

On Chico McClatcher “I think he’s making strides. I think the biggest thing about Chico (McClatcer) is there isn’t a guy practices harder than him every single day. When you have those practice habits, you’re going to constantly take that next step. I think for him, again, we know he has that one speed, he plays fast. We don’t ever want him to lose that. But some of the technical stuff of the receiver positon that he can continue to develop is going to bring another part to his game.”

Is John Ross still developing in technique? “Yeah, I think it’s constantly developing. I think in the NFL you’re constantly working on your craft and trying to get as good as you can get, no doubt. I think he’s taken some huge strides and now from his stand point he just has to go play. We’ve kind of thrown a lot at him whether it’s technique, schematics. He’s got to take what he can into these games and just go and play fast.”

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