Strausser Not Looking Past UA's Smaller Front

Chris Strausser is another Washington offensive coach who is very aware of what Arizona's Marcel Yates is capable of as their defensive coordinator. Strausser talked about going up against Yates, as well as provided a breakdown of his offensive line's play through the first three games of the season.

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On the first three games “We’re definitely still at that part of the season where we think everything still needs improvement. I think the communication has been really good. I think the guys’ effort has been great. We’re forever in the mode of try ing to clean up some details and I think we have been pretty good with a lot of the details, but first two games probably left a few things out there in terms of guys’ footwork and some of the little stuff. I think last week that they did a little better job paying attention to those details.”

Did you try to hold some stuff back in conference play? “That hadn’t really been the plan. The game plan is the game plan. We set it up every week to go win and use what we have to use. We obviously know there’s always going to be stuff that - we have to do new stuff each week. With that being said, averaging 62 plays a game, our game plan is bigger than that. There’s a lot of stuff that’s not run each week .That stuff gets recycled through, have a chance to run it down the road.”

On the groupings of the offensive line so far “It’s not so much the combinations as much as it’s been the guys that have been rolling with the ones in practice and the guys that have been rolling with the twos in practice. I try not to in the game just make a full shift change and put a whole new line in there, really regardless of what the situation is. Kind of roll a few guys in. I think Mike Kniep has been one of the first guys to go in for us. Andrew Kirkland has been on of the first guys to in for us. All that being said, Jesse Sosebee has played quite a bit. Nick (Harris) has been playing with the ones; him and Shane (Brostek) have been rotating a lot. We’ve had the chance to get 10-12 guys in the game.”

Do you think it will be about a seven or eight man rotation when it’s all said and done? “I don’t really know. It depends on how guys progress. I’d say right now we have a six man rotation that’s pretty competitive. If we can find a way to get a few more guys that are closer to ready to play that ew feel really good about then it becomes more.”

On Nick Harris “He’s a very competitive guy. He’s a very athletic guy. A lot of the same stuff we’ve said all this time about Coleman Shelton really shows up in Nick Harris. He’s just a guy that competes really hard. He’s athletic, stays on his feet, and finishes blocks well.”

On Coleman Shelton at center “Yeah. To me, I feel like I can’t even remember him not being our center. He feels like he’s so comfortable in there. Huge advantage for him that he’s played every other position, so he sees the whole picture really well. I feel like he’s really comfortable in there right now.”

On Arizona’s defensive line “You never really know. They’ve played three games so we have some ideas of what some of their base packages are, but it’s always something different week to week. I think those guys are really, really quick and athletic up front. I think they try to take advantage of the fact that they’re not playing with 320-pound guys. Their body types versus what our defensive line body types are is very different. I think they want to take advantage of the fact that those guys are quicker guys. They do a good job moving them, slanting them, making the offensive line of doing a great job moving their feet.”

Is there any difference in Marcel Yates’ scheme now that he’s at Arizona? “Yeah, I think a little variety. Again, I think the d-line was probably heavier in Boise, so I think a little bit less movement out of the defensive line. There’s a lot of carry over with some of the stuff that he’s done.”

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