Shelton Has Bought In To The Mantra

Chris Petersen has talked about it since the beginning of fall camp: it's all about Washington's preparation and has very little to do with the opposition. Junior center Coleman Shelton talked Wednesday about that approach as they get ready to travel to Arizona Saturday to face the Wildcats.

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On the first three games “We feel good. The offensive line, we’re moving the ball and we’ve been scoring. We just get back out there everyday and get better. That’s our main focus right now.”

What’s the biggest thing to emphasize with this road opener? “Just do our things. Just go out there like it’s another day. Not to worry about and play our hardest.”

On the smaller Arizona defensive line “We just respect the way they play. They work hard. They’re good players. We’re going to go out and do our thing and try as hard as we can. That’s the biggest thing, is focus on what we’re doing and really not any aspect of anything else. It’s more important for us to get our job done.”

On the focus of the offensive line “We feel like we’re doing good. Just going out here and working hard every day. Three games down and now we’re getting into PAC-12 play. It’s getting to be fun and we’re ready to go.”

On goals for the season “Our biggest goal, as I said, is just to get better each day. Hat’s the most important thing to us, to improve every day.”

Is it crucial to start well on the road? “Obviously we want to start fast and start playing well and get our confidence going. I guess it’s important. I don’t really know what else to say to that.”

Can a fast start take the crowd out of a road game? “Hopefully we can but we’re really banking on us playing our ball. We’re not really working about the outside noise. Just trying to focus up and play every play and every down.”

How long did it take you to get comfortable at center? “TO be honest it came natural. I wasn’t really thinking about whether I was comfortable with the position or not. Coach asked me to play it and I did. I just went with it and it feels good.”

On Nick Harris “Nick (Harris) is a great player. He plays really hard and he’s not worried about anything else but doing his job and playing real hard. We’re excited to see how well he can become. He’s super young, so we’re just all excited for him and he’s doing really well.”

Do you have to take him under your wing? “He’s doing really good on his own. If he has questions he can ask anybody, but he’s a good player and he’s played in three games now so he knows what it’s like and he’s getting ready to go.”

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