Gaskin: Pac-12 Play Is No Different To Me

It's week four, and that's exactly how Washington Running Back Myles Gaskin is taking it. He's not thinking about Pac-12 play, he's not thinking about the road. It's week-to-week for Gaskin, who is still looking to pop one of his patented game-breakers.

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What memories do you have growing up in Lynnwood? “Boys and Girls Club Basketball, having fun, all types of stuff, going to the mall and hanging out, meeting people.”

Is Seattle home to you or is Lynnwood home to you? “Washington is home. Everywhere, I know people everywhere. Washington is home.”

Do you have a sense of being part of something special here? “Absolutely, special guys, guys who are just willing to play football. I think all of us love each other as brothers, and that’s a good feeling to have on a football team. A lot of people say that but I feel like at any moment I can call one of these guys about nothing that has to do with football and have a conversation with them and they really have my back. I don’t think a lot of people experience that. I think I experienced that at O’Dea and that kind of brotherhood. I think it’s a blessing to have it here in college on a football team like this. I think that’s what makes us so good right now.”

Do you feel like you were a shoe-string away from a big run on a few runs? “Yeah. It’s no big deal. We’re winning, so I don’t have a problem with it. We’re having fun.”

Have you tried to avoid pushing thing or forcing success? “I don’t think there’s such a thing as trying to hard, but I think there’s pressing. I think you might expect something out of yourself, but sometimes you have to take a step back and just do your thing. You always have to work hard. I think everything is just another snap. What happened in the snap before doesn’t matter now.”

Do you ever find yourself pressing? “Of course. I feel like everybody does that. I feel like that’s not an exception for anybody. I feel like everybody wants to make that big play. You have to take a step back. Maybe not in the game. Maybe you’re pressing that much. But when you’re watching film, you can be like ‘maybe I should have took that six yard play instead of trying to make it some big touchdown run and getting tackled for a loss.’”

Is it good to know there is a high ceiling for this offense? “Absolutely. I feel like people don’t understand that yet. It’s easy to look at, but at practice you see what we can do. I’m excited.”

Does it feel different this week preparing for a PAC-12 game on the road? “No.”

Does the fake heat and noise prepare you? “Of course. That’s what it’s going to be like. They try to simulate the game as much as they possibly can. In Arizona, we all know it’s a hot place. I know their fans are going to show out. I know they’re going to be ready to go. And I know their fans are going to help them when we’re backed up or in situations like that, third down. I think that helps us out a lot so when we’re in the game it doesn’t have us rattled.”

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