Browning: Huskies Turning Up The Heat

Washington put a wrinkle into their normal game week preparations as they get ready to head to the desert to play Arizona Saturday night. They practiced in the Dempsey Indoor and cranked up the heat. Jake Browning talked about that, as well as last year's game at Boise State and any takeaways as former BSU Defensive Coordinator Marcel Yates has moved on from Boise to Tucson.

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On turning the heat on in practice “Just trying to make it hot so we can get used to it.”

Does it feel more intense preparing for PAC-12 play? “I guess. We’ve been excited to play every game. Just trying to match the intensity of every other week and bring the same intensity no matter who it is.”

How different is the Arizona defense this year? “It’s a completely different scheme. We went against them when (Marcel Yates) was at Boise State. We’ve been watching a lot of different stuff on the defense from this year and some of the stuff he did at Boise. Definitely different from last year. A totally new coordinator so just going to see a different scheme.”

Does it look different than what you saw at Boise State? “Yeah. When coaches go to different places they pick up different stuff. I think probably the same basic idea, but different spins here and there. Who knows? We haven’t played them yet. We’re getting ready for what we thing they’re going to do and obviously be ready to adjust if they do something different.”

Is there any value looking at what you did against Boise State last year? “It’s a lot different. But if I’m a defensive coordinator I’m probably looking at worked against us. Just been looking at that a little bit. But like I said you don’t really know until you start playing and you kind of get a feel for it. We’re going o go in with our game plan and be ready to adjust if they do something different.”

On the SWAT team mentality “Our whole team has that. That’s coach Petersen’s thing. That’s kind of what he says, SWAT team mentality. We do that in camp, trying to go to different places having random stuff happen to us. You’re traveling and never know if it’s going to go perfectly or if something happens with the bus or whatever. Just block out all that and get ready to play and go.”

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