Chris Petersen Thursday Press Conference

Husky head coach Chris Petersen met with the media on Thursday and looked ahead to his team's game with Arizona this weekend...

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Are the kids preparing different? “I think they’ve been practicing really hard for a long time. They understand the importance. The first three games are important, but they’re also to get us ready to play in the league and I think everybody would say that. They worked hard. They practiced hard.”

Are you curious to see how the play against a PAC-12 team? “I’m always curious. Every game is a unique challenge. First time we’ve been away from home. There’s always intrigue to every game and this one is no different.”

Is there a style of offense you are interested to see your defense against? “No. I’m just interested in seeing them play at a high level. They’ve done that. I think that’s one of the unique things about college football. It’s a little bit different than pro football. You have all these unique styles. Certainly most have a running quarterback. That changes the game a lot. These guys have two good running quarterbacks. We’ve seen that really the last few weeks as well. I think these guys are really good runners. We’ll see if we can contain them.”

Is there something about Arizona’s offense that you think was a good matchup last year? “I think  our guys just played well. I don’t think our system is that much different than some other people they played. I think our guys just executed. The system is hard because it spreads the field and creates one on one matches, whether it’s at receiver, whether it’s in the run game. They even the numbers pretty good. I think those guys do a really good job with that system.”

What do you do on game day when there’s a late kickoff? “We have a couple meetings, couple walkthroughs, watch some games, and staring at your watch a lot. That’s kind of how it goes. It’s kind of the nature of college football these days it seems like.”

Do you expect Dawkins or Solomon to play? “Well, I think (Brandon) Dawkins will probably go. He had a really good game. (Anu) Solomon is still I think recovering but he may play as well. We can’t worry about what they’re doing. We just have to worry about what we’re doing, that we’re prepared.”

How do you simulate what Dawkins can do in practice? “Well, I don’t know if you can. Daniel Bridge-Gadd has been running around over there for the last couple weeks. He can really run. It’s hard to simulate game conditions, but I do think that our scout team’s on both sides have done a really good job our first handful of weeks. That’s a thankless job, but a really important job and they’ve done a great job.”

How do you get ready for a J.J. Taylor? “That’s really hard. That’s going to be one of the challenges, getting our hands on him. He’s not the biggest guy, but he’s one of the quickest for sure. They’ve seen him on tape and our guys know that it’s about spreading you out and creating one on one match ups and letting him do his thing. It can’t come down to one guy, just corralling him. We have to get off blocks and everybody has to get leverage and all those types of things.”

Do Jake Browning’s stats mean anything now? “No. The numbers don’t mean much. We watch the tape and is he doing what we need him to do and is our offense as a unit? I think we’re trying to set our quarterback up for success. Most offensive coaches are. When the quarterback’s numbers are good and there are other people around him doing a solid job as well.”

Have you made a call about Brayden Lenius Saturday? “No. Not yet. We’ll figure it out here shortly.”

Will he travel? “We’ll figure it out on Saturday.”

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