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Friday Night Lights - Week 4

We hit two of the best games in the state on Thursday and Friday night and saw a lot of college talent. Here's a look at who stood out in the Graham Kapowsin/Sumner and Bothell/Woodinville games...

Sumner 34

Graham Kapowsin 27

Our Take: Love his toughness. He never quit. He pounded away against a very stout Graham Kapowsin defensive front seven and his kick return was magical and timely as it gave Sumner the win. The one thing I didn't see from Wedington was the explosiveness I expected. He went down with arm tackles, something I hadn't seen from him before. I was very impressed with Wedington's hands and athleticism and think he could be an outstanding slot receiver at the next level, but I still think he's a better fit in the secondary once he gets to college.

Our Take: Wilson gets rave reviews for his instincts and physicality and you could see it on the field in the biggest game of Wilson's career. He was in on at least six tackles in the first half that I saw, but he struggled to get off blocks at times. That isn't hard to imagine as he was facing at least three linemen who will be playing at the next level. Wilson is a very good athlete and he's got a long frame. I think he winds up as an inside linebacker at the next level due to his ability to drop into coverage while being physical at the point of attack.

Our Take: I see Weed as a receiver at the next level. He was lined up at tailback most of the night, but you can see his speed and athleticism as a receiver in his two big touchdown receptions. Weed isn't as good as Wedington, but he's close and he'll be counted on to take over for Wedington as a senior next fall.

Our Take: His interception was a thing of  beauty to put Sumner on the board for the first time. He read the hitch route perfectly, jumped it, then hauled in the pick and took off for the uncontested score. He's got very good speed and his coaches think he could be a great receiver at the next level, but you have to like his length and athleticism at corner as well.

Our Take: Thursday was not a good night for Morris. He was late on several throws and he made some questionable throws as well. He also appeared to lose some of his mechanics on the longer throws, dropping down and throwing 3/4s instead of over the top like he's taught. I believe that Morris will bounce back and that this game was the exception, not the rule for him, but for the first time seeing him live in an actual game, I came away with more questions than answers.

Our Take: We didn't see anything from Sarell that we didn't already know he could do. He's a freak athletically and he gets the second-level with ease. On several plays, he just pancaked the defensive lineman across from hit and it opened a gaping hole for his tailback to run through. Sarell is rated as the best lineman in the country and we see no reason to reconsider that evaluation.

Our Take: Purely on the hoof, Smith looks like a college tailback right now. He hits the hole hard, he has good vision and he runs with a physicality you don't see from a lot of high school tailbacks. He's also a very good receiver out of the backfield. I expect him to be one of the top tailbacks in the region in the 2018 recruiting class and he's already got plenty of schools eyeing his talents.

Our Take: If it weren't for Sarell, Shook would be drawing more eyes at games like this. He looked solid in pass protection, but he looks like a future guard at the next level. He's got good feet and he's strong at the point of attack, but he struggled in space with the speed guys off the edge.

Our Take: We've heard that Porter is further along fundamentally than Sarell was as a sophomore. Make no mistake, we are not comparing Porter's upside with Sarell's, that's unfair, but it just goes to show he's already pretty darn polished at this point in his development. The only thing holding Porter back from being a highly sought-after prospect is his height. He's barely 6'2", but he obviously has another year or two of growth, so hopefully he hasn't topped out in that area. On Thursday, Shook played left guard and showed the ability to drive-block. Didn't get a good look at him as a pass-blocker, but he did show good feet and strength.


Woodinville 17

Bothell 10

Our Take: Sirmon continued to show poise and the ability to keep plays alive while be harassed almost the entire night by a relentless Woodinville pass-rush. On one play, Sirmon shucked off a potential sack, kept his eyes down the field, gathered himself and then found receiver Daniel Johnson available for a big gain. A few plays later Sirmon came back and hit RB Alex Indelicato for a 10-yard touchdown. Sirmon's stat line was pretty brutal -- 11 of 28 for 99 yards with a touchdown -- but when you consider how much pressure he was under the entire night as well as considering he had at least a few drops, things come into perspective a bit more.

Our Take: Johnson has the requisite size and athleticism, but he didn't go up strong to get the pass when Sirmon threw it up for grabs down the field. He is a good blocker and he was great as an intermediate route-runner, but I'd like to see a little more productivity out of someone with his physical dimensions.

Our Take: Fouch has a long frame and he looked solid in coverage. He needs to add some size, but then again, he's just a junior so he's got time to grow. He is aggressive in supporting the run and he is a leader in the secondary for the Falcons.

Our Take: Minnehan does it all for Woodinville. He played some quarterback when the Woodinville starter, Jaden Sheffey went down with an injury, while also carrying the ball as a runner, catching it as a receiver and he is an in-the-box safety on the defensive side of the ball. Minnehan has great instincts and he has a knack for picking things up quickly. Fool him once and you should relish it because it won't happen again. Top Stories