Post Game Video: Kevin King

Here's what Husky senior defensive back Kevin King had to say following Washington's 35-28 win over Arizona...

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Was that game frustrating at times? “Frustrating. No. I wouldn’t say frustrating. I would just say it’s - one word we’ve been talking about all week is respond. As a team we haven’t really had that chance to respond yet. We’ve been coming out from the gate and it’s been going our way. The ball has bounced are way. We come into this hostile environment and we - sometimes it didn’t go our way, so we had to respond and we did that.”

On the last long pass from Arizona? “From what I saw he slipped a sack and he just threw it up. 50-50 balls, you can’t really get too mad at that one. It’s just, they came down with it. We just have to fight.”

On Brandon Dawkins making plays “That’s the beauty of the PAC-12. We’re not the only team that has good players. They’re going to make plays. They have playmakers that can make plays on either side of the ball. Coming int the game we knew that why were going to make plays; we knew that we’re not going to shut a PAC-12 team down to not making any plays the whole game. We knew that was going to happen, so, like I said, we had to respond.”

On the first quarter and adjusting after “They came out hard, which we expected. They came out doing a lot of quarterback runs. Once we settled down it was like nothing else.”

On J.J. Taylor and his ankle injury “He’s real fast, real shifty. It takes 11 people to tackle him, even though he’s so small. He can fit through the smallest creases. He can make those cuts that make you look kind of foolish. We got 11 hats to the ball. That’s unfortunate. That’s unfortunate. We never wish that upon anybody. They have other guys that can get the job done. I hope he has a speedy recovery on that. We got it done.”

Is J.J. Taylor similar to Sean McGrew? “They have to stand next to each other. I don’t know.”

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