Browning Talks About Gritty Win In The Desert

Washington Quarterback Jake Browning had one thought after UW's gritty 35-28 overtime win over Arizona Saturday night in Tucson: this is a game they would have lost last year.

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Does this game show a step forward for the program? “Yeah. Right after the game once we finally won I just kept thinking about how many of those did we lose last year were we were just so close and finally getting over that hump of winning that close game. For me, personally, that was big time being able to go in and, especially in overtime, and execute and stuff like that. I thought we ran the hell out of the ball. It was really good and we just have to get better in the red zone.”

How long before you start to worry about Stanford? “Short week, so probably tonight. Or we’ll probably watch this game tonight. We’re going back to Seattle right now so we aren’t going to be home until late. Sleep in and get on it tomorrow.”

On Stanford’s close win “That’s the PAC-12 for you. You have great coaches, great players, so everybody schemes each other up, keeps going against each other. We got Arizona last year pretty good and they freaking bounced back with a new defensive coordinator and all that. That’s the PAC-12 for you. Everybody kind of beats up on everybody it seems like. 1-0 in PAC-12 play and we’ll take it.”

On last year’s game against Stanford “That was the most painful experience for me because I didn’t play that game. I had never missed a game in my life. Sitting on the sideline watching that was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through.”

Was this game frustrating at times? “I mean, yeah, you just have to respond though. You keep thinking about ‘what if I made this play?’ I think that’s what I did too much last year, just kind of didn’t move on quick enough from stuff. You have to win the game and now it’s onto what do I really need to improve and how do I improve that before I play Stanford?”

How were you able to run the ball so well? “They’re just a big drop eight team, so they were dropping a lot of people into coverage. That’s what happens. Some teams are going to come in and say, ‘hey, we’re going to take this away.’ We have to adjust and we did.”

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