Coleman Shines As UW Continues To Build Skill

Washington running back Lavon Coleman ran for 181 yards Saturday night, a career-high, as the Huskies outlasted Arizona 35-28 in overtime. As good as Coleman's night was, he heaped praise on his blockers that sprung him for some big gainers.

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How good did that game feel? “It felt good. It felt great to play how we did and how good the offensive line blocked and how well the perimeter guys blocked and the plays that everybody made. IT’s a great win. It’s a good thing to really learn on. The aspirations that we have for this team, the goals that we want, we’re going to really take our time to develop when we get practice on Monday.”

Did you think you had that kind of a game in you? “Everybody believes they have that in them. I depend on those guys up front and without them this performance wouldn’t have happened so I really think the five guys upfront and those perimeter guys.”

Was it frustrating only having the ball one series in the first quarter? “The performance all around was really - you appreciate everybody working hard. You appreciate everybody not giving up. You appreciate everybody digging down when it needs to be done. You really want to look at your team and say what we talked about, what we want to do, the things we strive for, what can we do to do better We’re going to take that into Monday and everything we learned from today and this game, great win and we just have things to work on.”

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