Tough Task Ahead For Strausser's Group

Husky offensive line coach Chris Strausser's group has a big challenge this weekend as they get ready to face Stanford...

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On the performance from the offensive line against Arizona “I think it’s fun. Those guys definitely enjoy games like that. We went into it knowing that kind of the game plan was going to be to try to grind it out a little bit, take that next step in the run game. Our guys were excited for that. They were excited for the challenge of playing a good Arizona football team. They would take that all day long over sitting back and throwing the ball 50 times.”

Are you where you thought you would be rotationally? “I think we’re probably about where we’re supposed to be. We have a lot of guys that are ready to play. We played five guys the other night, but we haven’t had a game where we’ve had 80 snaps, so we haven’t had to really rotate a bunch of guys. We played with five this week; we’ll see what happens this week.”

What have you seen from Stanford? “They’re exceptional. They’re a really, really, really good defense. They’re well coached. They have great players. They just reload every year. It’s unbelievable how they keep it going again. It’s going to be a huge challenge for us.”

What’s the anticipation like for this game? “I think our guys probably got excited probably to a next level when we started to get into conference play, just because that’s because they know that’s one of our big goals. I don’t think they have any idea - whether they know it’s a top 10 matchup or not, I don’t know. But they’re excited to get a chance to play Stanford on Friday night.”

What did you take away from your matchup against Stanford last year? “They’re every bit as physical as what we thought they were. We have to find away to convert on third down. We need to have more than 42 plays on offense, need to have the ball more than 20 minutes on offense. We have to find a way to be better on third downs than we were last year.”

Do you feel better prepared to play them this year? “We’ll find out Friday night for sure. I thought we had good players last year and they got after us pretty good up front. So we have to find a way to step our game up this week and be better this year than we were last year.”

On running the ball well against Arizona “I think it was fun. Our guys really enjoy getting in that mode. We haven’t really had a chance this year, a lot because what the defenses have dictated to us in terms of how many guys we had in the box and all that good stuff. This was the first game we really a chance to kind of do our thing. Our guys were excited to get a chance to really grind it out and for them that’s fun football.”

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