Smith Recaps Arizona, Looks Ahead To Stanford

Washington offensive coordinator Jonathan Smith talks about the big win over Arizona and looks ahead at the challenges that Stanford will present...

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On getting the run game going Saturday “We wanted to, that was a little bit of the plan when looking at the schematics and what we wanted to do against them. Obviously we stuck to it. Lavon (Coleman) had a great game. Myles (Gaskin) carried the ball and did some decent things and sometimes those things are just body blows as you continue to do it. We got into a little bit of a rhythm and Lavon was able to pop a couple big ones.”

On the offensive line’s performance against Arizona “I thought they did really well. We wanted to make the game physical, that was kind of the theme throughout the week: make the game physical. Thought those guys did a good job with that.”

What do you see out of Stanford? “They don’t give you anything. They make it difficult. You’re not going to just get an easy one on those guys. Obviously they play a brand of football that’s physical. They have some guys that have played a lot. There’s some veteran group there, especially on the backend. Talented and physical up front and they’re definitely a challenge.”

How do you approach that? “You’re going to need to slug it out and you’re going to need to create some big plays. You’re going to have to be great with your opportunities, because on the other side they possess the ball on their offensive side. They’re a challenge but when it comes down to it it’s going to be a big fight and we have to execute.”

Do you think your offense is more mature and ready for that kind of a matchup than where they used to be? “We definitely hope so. I think we showed some signs of maturity, even last week as the game went back and forth and being able to respond the way we did. We are growing. I think we are.”

On Lavon Coleman “He’s been working hard and doing a lot of things and finally got some more opportunities and he took advantage of those. He’s been a good player in a lot of specific areas, on fly sweeps, doing some different things in the pass game, and he’s been running hard in practice. He was able to break a couple and he deserves to continue to carry some more.”

Would you have guessed he would play that well? “No. Not anybody for that matter. What, he had 11 carries, 12 carries? For what he did, I would not have predicted that.

What have you seen in practice from Lavon Coleman? “What we were trying to do in the run game fits his skill set pretty well. To run down hill, get yourself under the center. He is a downhill, bruising back and that was the reason why I think he had some good success.”

Will we see more of him now? Yeah, we’re going to go with the hot hand. He got hot so we continued. Obviously he deserves some more but Myles is a good player too. We’re going to keep on spreading it out, but he played pretty well.”

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