No Rest For The Weary According To Coleman

UW RB Lavon Coleman

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What did that win in Arizona do for this team? “It just gave everybody a reality check and let everybody know what we have to work on because this is PAC-12 play and all of our opponents have been respectful people. This is the conference of champions. it’s really like a really good conference where you really don’t know what Saturday holds for you. So it really just opens everybody’s eyes up to how it changes when it comes to our conference and getting ready for this game let everybody know that it’s time to go.”

What’s the opportunity to play Stanford this week like? “I just think about everyday we grinded from January to now and I think it’s just about us and about the standard we want to play at and it’s the best you’ve got and just leaving it on the field. Every time we get in the locker room and look at each other it’s like ‘I’m going to play for you and you’re going to play for me.’ The work that we put in together is going o show on Saturday and it’s going to show every week and every game. This is just us playing our game, playing Husky football at our best, and showing out on Friday.”

On the offensive line play against Arizona “Jake (Eldrenkamp) pulling, Coleman (Shelton) calling shots, Kaleb (McGary), all of them holding their blocks, no penalties, driving, you could see there feet moving , see everybody pushing up off the ball. Some holes opened up. And you know how quickly holes close. You know you have to go. Really you could just see those guys. Every time you come back to the huddle you can hear that every play was a battle for them. You appreciate them fighting for you every time.”

What’s your mentality when you’re part of a rotation? “You just take advantage of every opportunity you get. You never know when you’re number is going to get called, but when it is called you have to perform, do your job, do what you practiced all week, play your role and don’t try to do anything extra or special to mess it up. Just do what you’ve been planning on, run your hardest, and obviously when you’re opportunities come, take advantage of them.”

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