Stanford Challenge Lies Ahead For Husky RBs

Husky running backs coach Keith Bhonapha talks Myles Gaskin, Lavon Coleman and the challenge of playing Stanford...

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Do you see Myles Gaskin pressing at all? “Myles (Gaskin) is a competitor. And I think the one thing is he wants to go out there and be successful, like any competitor does. To say he’s necessarily pressing, I wouldn’t say that. I think he does want to go out there and contribute and help the team. I think if he feels, or anybody feels as a playmaker that they’re not making plays, they’re thinking about it, ‘okay, what do I need to do? What do I need to do?’ If it got to the point where he was truly pressing I think we would see a digress in his play. I don’t see that. I know people are talking about these long runs that he has to have. But the kid has been productive when he has the ball in his hands.”

What challenges does Stanford provide? “Stanford is a great team. They’re well coached. They’re physical. Those guys are not going to take plays off. They’re not going to make mistakes. I think the one thing that we have to do i s make sure that we execute. But that’s no different than any other week that we played. I think if you think about a team that’s been dominant in this league for the past five years or whatever it’s been, you would think Stanford. We just have to be ready for the challenge of playing a great team that’s physical and plays hard.”

How does it feel to get a nice running performance against Arizona before going into a game against Stanford? “At the end of the day you just want to go out there and have your guys play their best and contribute. To have the run game that we did on Saturday was awesome I think just for us because we’ve been trying to really take the next step, take the next step in the run game and have more of a contribution to the game. To say it necessarily sets us up ‘that’s exactly what we needed for Stanford,’I’m just glad we were able to go out there and be successful. I think going into the Stanford week it’s more about us being able to execute and being on our p’s and q’s to go out there and make things happen.”

On Lavon Coleman “I think it was good. He went out there and he did some of the stuff that we’ve kind of been working on as far as running vertical, breaking tackles, and all those types of things, and really just being dialed in and focused to the point where you can see in his eyes that he wasn’t going to be denied when he got the ball in his hands. Anytime you have a guy go out there and do that and have success doing it, the dawg fans, you’re happy for him.”

Does that kind of performance allow you to roll with the hot hand? “We always roll with the hot hand in my opinion. On Saturday it was Lavon and he go the opportunity to do that. That’s why he had 180 yards or whatever it was. It’s kind of how we operate.”Join the discussion on's message board Top Stories