Bierria Learned Some Things Vs. Arizona

Husky linebacker Keishawn Bierria says the Huskies learned some valuable things in their game vs. Arizona last weekend

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Did you learn anything about yourselves against Arizona? “Our first away game, we were walking in there looking for a fight. We really wanted that early in the season, to get that first away game. We got that checked off. We learned that we’re going to fight for four or four and a half or however long we have to go. I don’t remember any point in time looking around on the sideline or on the field and any of my guys were panicking or trying to show like they werent ready or they were scared at any point or anybody thought we were going to lose at that time. Everybody stayed in, stayed focused, kept to the game plan, and just played good defense.”

What does it mean to finish a game like that? “It shows that we’re maturing and that what we’ve done leading up to this point has worked and as far as the coaches getting us mental ready throughout the offseason has really been working well. As far as leaders stepping up it’s really shown. Not the guys who walk out there and do the coin toss every time, but the guys on the sideline, talking to other guys in there ear just making sure everybody was on point.”

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