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Dawgman Predictions: Stanford

The Dawgman.com predictors are 100 percent so far through the first four games of the season, but here comes the first major test - the No. 6/7 Stanford Cardinal. Will all the Dawgman predictors once again side in favor of the No. 9/10 Washington Huskies? Or will some stray from the pack?

Patrick Thrapp - Numbers Guru (4-0)

This is a real heart versus head prediction for me. I know they could win this, but it will require all hands on deck working together almost flawlessly. I feel the battle will be whether they can stop Christian McCaffrey, and putting the DBs on islands, forcing Ryan Burns to beat them with his arm. I don't think he is as good a rusher as the QB we saw at Arizona. The offense has to move the chains. So without further ado, and as a lifelong Husky fan, I will go with my heart.

Prediction: Washington 33-31


Johnb - Long time Husky fan (4-0)

Big game against two pretty evenly matched opponents. Stanford’s Christian McCaffrey is one of those guys that can beat you all by himself. If Washington is going to win on Friday night they are going need to contain McCaffrey. The Heisman candidate is going to get his yards but Washington needs to eliminate his big play potential. The atmosphere at Husky stadium is going to be rocking. The home field advantage is definitely going to help the Dawgs even though the Cards are not strangers to big games. Chris Petersen isn’t a stranger to big games either. He was one of the top big game coaches in the country when he was at Boise State. I give the edge in this one to Washington due to home field advantage and the simple fact that I think Washington is in better physical shape entering the game. UCLA took these guys to the wire last weekend in a real physical contest. Shaw made the comment that his team was a little beat up. That happens after you play a Mora defense. Cameron Van Winkle will redeem himself this week!

Prediction: Washington 38-35


Luke Mounger - Intern Extraordinaire (4-0)

Stanford is Stanford, and that's scary. Christian McCaffrey is a monster. Keeping him under 150 all-purpose yards should be considered a job well done. Their defense is allowing 12 points per game, and they have only played power conference teams. They are legit and they are tough. But they are beatable. I expect to see a full house. Husky Nation is tired of waiting. I think the Dawgs give their fans the performance they deserve. The Huskies slow down McCaffrey and Ryan Burns has a hard time carving up the Husky secondary. 

Prediction: Washington 17-13


Jay Torrell - Sports Washington/Scout.com (4-0)

Let me know if this sounds familiar? Huge preseason hype...national ranking...first road game against an overmatched opponent...ends up being a closer than anyone thought...next game at home against a Top-10 opponent with a Heisman Trophy candidate...Husky nation panics...another disappointment looms...dogs and cats sleeping together!!! Does 1990 ring a bell? Huskies went to Purdue a big favorite against a TERRIBLE Purdue team and squeaked out a 20-14 victory. The next game of course all they saw was Purple as the Dawgs shook Montlake with an emphatic 31-0 pasting of the Marijuanovich Trojans. Forget about Arizona, last year the Dawgs would have lost that game but they overcame their own miscues to win and that’s what championship teams do. Every special team has a special moment and this is it for the Huskies. Make Montlake Shake Again!

Prediction: Washington 31-24


Chris Fetters - Editor (4-0)

This game feels so much like the 2012 game. Stanford had just come off a punishing win against USC and was looking to take the next step. They were doing it with a relatively inexperienced starting quarterback in Josh Nunes. They had a well-regarded running back. What happened next was Washington taking control late in the game after the Cardinal got up early, and the Huskies hung on late to win after a Desmond Trufant interception sealed it. I think some of the same things are going to happen Friday in an even more raucous environment. UW has a better defense and a better team overall. This should be a win for the home team, as they finally christen Husky Stadium in a manner befitting the 1991 National Champions. 

Prediction: Washington 21-14 


Scott Eklund - Recruiting Editor (4-0)

We've been waiting for this matchup since it was announced back in the spring. Washington gets its toughest test to date and this game could decide the Pac 12 North champion depending on how things fall into place over the next couple of months. Washington must contain Christian McCaffrey (duh) and UCLA gave them a great blueprint for that last weekend as they held him to what is likely to lowest yardage output in his brilliant two-plus year career with the Cardinal. What is baffling is that McCaffrey has yet to score a touchdown in an true road game. Does that change this weekend? For UW's sake, let's hope not. Washington's offensive line will have their hands full, but if they can get their quick passing game going, they should be able to get some yards and loosen things up a bit up front. I'm going with the Huskies scoring a late touchdown to give them their biggest win in over 15 years.

Prediction: Washington 17-13


Kim Grinolds - CEO (4-0)

Don't he surprised if Washington jumps out early. It won't matter: this game will be won or lost in the fourth quarter. Husky Stadium will be electric. The difference will be the big plays. John Ross and Chico McClatcher could be huge. And Jake Browning grows up. Expect a classic in Husky Stadium
Prediction: Washington 24-20


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