Post Game Video - Joe Mathis

Here's what linebacker Joe Mathis had to say following Washington's 44-6 win over Stanford on Friday Night...

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On the game plan for tonight’s game “I mean, just impose our will, not let them get going, not let them score really. We’re actually mad about that. We went into this game, just impose our will and set a tone for the PAC-12. We’re here.”

How much were you able to feed off the energy? “Not really. It’s just going to practice. We practice hard. We practiced harder than we ever did. This week, we need to practice like every week. We went off of practice and we played hard. That’s the reason why we played so well.”

On matching physicality of Stanford? “Heart. That’s about it. We were smaller, but we had heart. We were determined. Everybody was hungry; everybody wants to get theirs. We played as a team and we did our job. That’s why we stopped them.”

How satisfying was that win? “It’s satisfying. I’m speechless. My first game playing against Stanford all my four years. They got us last year and we got them this year. I’m just happy. I’m so happy. I just want to go enjoy the time with my family, my son, my wife, and my teammates. I just want to enjoy the time and go back to work tomorrow.”

Were you surprised at how one sided this game was? “No. Because we practice hard and we were ready. All day we were ready; everybody was focused. I don’t think it surprised me.”

Was this a statement? “It feels like a statement, but we need to keep going. It’s a statement. We’re here, but now we have to stay here. We can enjoy the moment right now, but we have to go back to work tomorrow. I love my guys, I love my teammates, and I love coach Petersen, and I love the staff. That game I enjoyed like no other. That was my favorite game of my whole college career.”

On the crowd “It was loud on defense. We couldn’t really hear the calls or anything. We were so focused. We were so focused in practice and we knew what we needed to do. We went out there and tried to kill them. 

Could you tell noise was impacting Stanford? “Yeah. Us hitting them and kept hitting them and stuff, that impacted them. They were talking for a little bit, and then you heard silence. We need to play like that all the time.”

On the atmosphere “Actually, I really knew I wanted to come to Washington after I saw them beat Stanford in 2012 at CenturyLink. That’s when I was like, ‘yeah, that’s the school I want to go to.’ And it’s just crazy. This is my first time playing against Stanford in all my four years. This is the game - it was just like a dream come true. I loved it. It was my favorite game.”

On the upcoming Oregon game “It’s on. We have to come in tomorrow and get some work in and we have to get ready. I expect our outcome for the Oregon game to be like this. Build off of this, do even better next week. That’s what I expect.”

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