Post Game Video - Keishawn Bierria

Here's what linebacker Keishawn Bierria had to say following Washington's 44-6 win over Stanford on Friday night...

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On different looks Stanford threw at the Huskies “Yeah. As far as like bringing in 20 personnel, bringing in big heavy guys, heavy sets. Pullers, counters, whatever. They played all out. They gave it all tonight.”

How big is the Oregon matchup now? “Do you know how many years it’s been since we’ve beat them. I think it’s like 13. 13? 12? For 12 years we haven’t beat Oregon. How many classes of guys came through here and haven’t beat Oregon. Every year it’s very important to us. It’s going to be another emotional one for us, definitely. We’re for sure going to get it done, though.”

How much did you feed off the crowd? “We kind of anticipated it. People were hitting me up on twitter saying it’s going to be an amazing atmosphere. It’s nothing like seeing it. It’s nothing like being out there on that field making a play and hearing that crowd. Third down, fourth down, it was amazing. I can’t even hear guys next to me on the calls. But that’s what we love. That’s what we really needed from them and they definitely brought it tonight.”

Was this game a platform for national recognition? “Well, definitely every time we step on the field we feel like that’s our platform. It doesnt matter who’s watching the game, who’s not watching theme. We just go out there and play our type of football, show them who we are, show them who ‘Death Row’ is, show them what the offense can do, show them who the playmakers are. Just play as a team. Show them the Washington way.”

On leading the NCAA in recovered fumbles “I feel like if one of our d-linemen puts the ball on the ground, it’s my job to go get it. They’ve been doing that exceptionally well. It’s not like I’m out there causing them. They’re out there making plays for me and I’m just coming up and saving them. I’m making a play and they’re making a play. It’s all good. I lean on those guys and they make plays and I feed off of it.”

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