Post Game Video - Budda Baker

Here's what safety Budda Baker had to say following Washington's 44-6 win over Stanford on Friday night...

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On the defensive performance “I feel like we always have in us - we can do a great job. But for us, our coaches had a great game plan; we just had to execute it. And we executed it.”

Did you do anything different from this week to last week? “Every week is a different. Different offenses, different players, all that different type of stuff. For us, Stanford, we know (Christian) McCaffrey is a really explosive guy. They have a lot of explosive receivers, explosive quarterback, and we just tried to stick to our game plan.”

Did it seem like Ryan Burns got rattled? “Not really. Maybe his first sack or something like that. I don’t know. He was doing pretty good. I know they switched him out with another quarterback (Keller Chryst), but at the end of the (Ryan) Burns was doing alright.”

Did you know about the history when you came here? “I mean, yeah, of course. I came here and knew the history. I knew that the Dawgs haven’t been on top in a long, long, very long time. For me, I’m a home town person just trying to get them back on top. Any college is trying to get their college on top.”

Did tonight feel like what you heard about the program in the past? “Yeah, it felt great. It felt like the time where Lawyer Malloy and all those guys talk about it. This game felt like it.”

How much did you feed on the crowd energy? “We fed off it a great amount, even in pregame. A lot of people were really loud. We knew it was going to be a packed house. We just had to have fun with it.”

Did this feel like a statement to the whole nation? “It was pretty cool. We knew it was on ESPN. Stanford, they’ve been the bullies for a long time. We knew it was going to be a great game. We knew that we had to stick to our game plan to win.”

What did you show people nationwide tonight“We showed the a great defense and explosive offense. A defense that’s ‘we’re going to our keys and do our job.’ And an offense that’s going to score points. Hopefully they saw that.”

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