Post Game Video - Psalm Wooching

Here's what defensive end Psalm Wooching said following Washington's 44-6 win over Stanford on Friday night...

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On the win in front of a sold out crowd “Amazing. There’s no other feeling like it. I think the last time I felt like that was my redshirt year in CenturyLink. Same thing happened. I don’t know. It’s hard to explain. Just butterflies, excitement, everything combined in one.”

What were you doing that allowed the pass rush to be so good? “Just, I don’t know, the tenacity and I guess the - we just worked this whole week on keeping him in the pocket, making him want to throw, and stepping up and making plays. Our d-line and all the linebackers, DBs, all that ‘Death Row,’ they just turned up tonight and it showed. It was awesome.”

How do you explain what the defense did tonight? “‘Death Row’ is here and we’re ready. there might have been some doubts. We’re going to get that work in, get back to work, prepare for the next game, and yeah, it’s awesome, feels awesome.”

On the crowd noise “Oh, the energy was amazing. It was almost like there was an earthquake on the field. On defense, on third downs, we were like ‘hey, pump up the crowd.’ And it was like, man we couldn’t even hear me to you. It was like ‘what’s the call?’ We had to do hand signals. It was crazy. The energy was unbelievable. It was amazing.”

How long have you had the offensive package in your back pocket? “Don’t remind me of that. I think it was just this week. We put it in this week. It was before, when I played fullback strictly, and they just brought it back for this one game.”

Were you a little amped to play offense and just missed the jump? “In high school I was a running back, and I carried the ball; I never caught it. You saw tonight how I couldn’t catch the ball. It’s all good. On to the next play. It was good.”

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