Post Game Video - Elijah Qualls

Here's what defensive lineman Elijah Qualls had to say after Washington's 44-6 win over Stanford on Friday night...

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Have you ever seen Vita Vea do a handstand? “Yeah. What? The dude’s athletic.”

What does this game mean to you? “Another step towards our goal. Honestly, the only people that are surprised are the people not in this stadium or that’s in that locker room. I knew we could do it. I told - before every game the d-line gets in the middle of the field to talk about the game. I told them there was no reason we couldn’t dominate that team. We have the talent for it. We’ve worked for it. If we played our a-game or even better or whatever, we could dominate a team like that. It’s not knocking them. They’re a good team. They’re very technical, obviously have athletes and everything like that. Honestly I just felt like we wanted it. We wanted it that bad.”

On the game plan against McCaffrey? “Any time you go up against an athlete like that you have to put your focus on him. You have to. If not, even if you put eight in the box, he’ll still be able to get the ball someway, somehow. Receiving, wildcat, running back, they put him everywhere. Not just in the box, but DBs honed him down too. I don’t - if I can recall right - I don’t think they got over 200 passing yards and, like I said, they only got 18 rushing yards before that last drive. And that’s Stanford that only had 18 rushing yards. That is an accomplishment for us for sure.”

What were you doing that was so successful in the first half? “Playing with the technique we’ve been working with all week. We knew that as technical as this team was, we were going to have to be even better with our technique. We couldn’t play wild, we couldn’t play out of our frame, we couldn’t play just doing whatever we wanted to. We had to use the technique that we were taught and our coaches made sure we knew that and we used it.”

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