Post Game Video - John Ross

Here's what wide receiver John Ross had to say following Washington's 44-6 win over Stanford...

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How good did the win feel? “It felt great. Just not knowing what the outcome would be, obviously, before the game, that was a very good team we just played. Number seven in the country I believe. The way we pulled it off, I’m very grateful and proud that we did.”

On Jake Browning under throwing him once “He knows, so I’m not going to be real messed up about it. We’ll just get it next time, next drive or something.”

What did you think when you heard Stanford’s starting corners were out? “I kind of don’t like things like that, just because we don’t want people to go back and say ‘well, our starting corners didn’t play.’ We kind of wanted the starting corners to play. Whoever were facing, we really didn’t care anyway. We just had to work through it.”

Was this game circled on your calendar? “Not at all. It’s just a different culture now. Maybe in the previous years, but we just look at everybody the same. Obviously this was a big one, but we take one game at a time and just focus on our opponents.”

On the atmosphere “II haven’t been around this in so long, but just to be around it was crazy. I’m grateful just to be a part of something like this and our fans are amazing.”

How did it feel to play like this on ESPN? “It feels so good, just because we have this thing - we want to prove ourselves. I think tonight we kind of did a very good job of showing the nation that we can play too.”

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