Post Game Video - Jake Browning

Here's what Husky QB Jake Browning had to say following Washington's 44-6 win over Stanford on Friday night...

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What was the win like? “I didn’t know what to expect really. We hadn’t really played them. I didn’t play them last year, so I didn’t know what to expect. I thought we started fast and just kept the foot on the throttle and kept going. “

Were you shocked at how much you had in the pocket? “No. I thought our o-line was going to matchup well against them and they’ve been doing well all year. They go against a really good d-line every single day and have been for a while. I thought if they compete and do their job we’re going to do fine, and everybody just kind of did their job. There wasn’t anything flashy about it. Kind of everybody just did what they’re supposed to do an executed well.”

Was it more gratifying because it was so methodical? “I think a win - you’ll take a win no matter what. It feels good because we one.”

Have you been looking forward to this game for a while? “I mean I guess a little bit. Once you get to it, you’re definitely like ‘okay, these are the guys that kind of ran the north part of the PAC-12.” Playing on ESPN and all that was definitely a cool environment. Once you get over that, it’s just another game pretty much.”

On the crowd and atmosphere “Yeah, it was awesome. That was one of the coolest things I’ve been a part of. Everybody rushing the field afterwards was pretty cool. Just for them to come out and support like they did was pretty cool and I think it helped a lot. I thought they had trouble operating on offense because we got so loud. We’ve been there before; it gets loud and it’s hard to here everybody. You can’t here this close and that’s hard. I thought that helped a lot. It was definitely a cool environment.”

On the defense shutting down Stanford “I’ve told Elijah (Qualls) this, they’ve been doing that to us for a while. I was going to be kind of mad if they didnt do that to someone else. They held Stanford to I think it was under 50 yards rushing or something crazy like that, which is kind of unheard of. For them, that’s obviously a great job. I think that helped a lot. What they do to teams is they kind of just hold onto the ball, sustain these long drives, and get offenses out of rhythm. We were able to get a lot of shots at them, and I think that’s what helped a lot.”

Did your 16-play drive feel like what you described Stanford as? “Yeah. It was good to take that time off the clock and control the ball. You want to control the ball when you’re up and just keep sustaining a long drive. I think that kind of took the wind out of them and secured the win.”

On a quick start throwing the ball “I think it just gets everybody’s nerves calmed and kind of says ‘okay, here we go’ and ‘just keep attacking, keep attacking.’ We don’t really emphasize ‘we need to start fast’ or anything. We know we need to and just go out and execute from the beginning and I thought we did all the way through the game.”

On Stanford missing two corner backs “I was aware of it going into the game, but once we get into the game, those guys are pretty good two. They’ve played a lot. Kind of typical of Stanford, those guys are older, have played a lot. It wasn’t like they were rolling out true freshman or anything like that. Those guys were good too. They definitely made some plays. Just kind of went through your reads. You’re not really thinking about that once the ball is snapped. It’s just ‘is he open? Is he not?’ And going through your reads.”

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