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Trip Report - Blake Harris 

While Washington fans were enjoying the Huskies’ 44-6 win over the Stanford Cardinal at Husky Stadium, there were a few basketball players that were enjoying Montlake at the same time.

2017 point guard commit Blake Harris from Raleigh, North Carolina, came up for his official visit, one that affirmed his decision to play for the Huskies next year. 

Harris came into town Thursday night. 

“They just picked me up from the airport, we went to the hotel, went to sleep,” Harris told Sunday night. “And then Friday was game day so we went to breakfast early, went to campus, talked to the academic lady, saw them do some weight training. And then it was game time. That was an exciting game. That was fun.”

Harris came with his parents and his sister. His father Bernardo is a nine-year NFL veteran with the Green Bay Packers and the Baltimore Ravens. 

“They loved Seattle,” Harris said of his family. “They raved about it. They’d love to coaches and they are ready for me to get up there to play.”

Harris had not been to Seattle before. Was it what he thought it was going to be? “It was better,” Harris said. “It was big and I liked it a lot.”

Harris was joined at the UW Football game with two other basketball players committed to the Huskies for 2017 - Jaylen Nowell and Michael Porter, Jr. “Me, Jaylen and Michael left in the fourth quarter and went to the gym,” he said. “We just wanted to shoot.”

What happened Saturday? “Breakfast, hung out with the players the whole day, Markelle (Fultz) and them,” Harris said. “And then we had open gym and then went back out with the players and that was pretty much it.”

What was the open gym like? “We had the recruits on my team, so me, Michael and Jaylen and Jontay (Porter) were on the same team,” Harris said. “But we won most of the games. Markelle stood out and the kid from New Zealand, Sam (Timmins), the center, he’s really good.” 

So after his official 48 hours in Seattle and on campus, what was Blake Harris’s verdict? Is he still committed to the Huskies? 

“I’m locked in,” he said, matter-of-factly. “I’m not taking any other visits. I’m glad I committed and I don’t think there was any other choice other than Washington.

“I know my class, we’re going to be good that year. And this year is going to be good, but I’m excited for our year. We should go far in the tournament.” Top Stories