Malloe: We need to Manufacture Speed

Washington Defensive Line Coach Ikaika Malloe spoke with the media Tuesday ahead of Washington's trip south to Eugene to face off against Oregon. He talked about his defensive line and their ability to create rush through technique, and how they'll have to keep doing that to have success Saturday against the Ducks.

How are the linemen different this year to last? “We had two really, really good pass rushers with just speed and we were able to cover them up last year. This year, we don’t have that speed. We have more technicians than anything else. Coach Kwiatkowski and I have to do a good job in terms of putting them in different fronts and allowing them to use their technique to get there. We have to manufacture speed through technique and we need great coverages by the linebackers and the defensive backs. Coach Lake and Coach Gregory are doing a great job. The usual 3 or 4 seconds you need to get to the quarterback for us, we need about 5 or 6 for us to get there.”

On the difference between Psalm Wooching and Joe Mathis? “Psalm (Wooching) is probably more jerky so to speak. You’ll see more power rushes from him and trying to do a lot with his hands. I think it’s just his personality. Joe (Mathis) likes to do things with his shoulders, drop his shoulders, lift elbows, a lot of things. It works with his feet and his hands. They’re different in terms of that way and it kind of compliments each other, because one is offsetting the other. Inside we’ll do a great job trying to make sure we can cover them up.”

How long does it take to develop pass rushing skill? “I think in a season you’ll e pretty gifted. Some guys have natural talent, but we watch a lot of NFL film and coach Kwiatkowski and I do a lot of calling and try to ask other coaches. We don’t have all the answers, so we try to pick up from different tips and different people. Dwight Freeney was one of my favorite pass rushers and watching him and how he uses his hands, the level of his shoulders, just different technical things that he does. We’re trying to teach these kids things, and for them, we’re the level that we need just a lot of reps to go over and over. I think that’s how we’re kind of getting better.”

Was that Psalm Wooching’s best game so far? “To date from him. What’s interesting is we watched the film, and you see the good stuff in the game when you watch the film and you try to be as critical as we can. There’s so much more technical stuff he needs to improve on, and he knows that. The lucky part is we have another week to get better and hopefully we’ll perfect that by the time we get to Oregon.”

Was the SAM position the bigger question mark coming into the season? “I think the front as a whole. We knew we had parts and pieces to put together possibly a good front. We thought the secondary would be the strength of our defense and the coverage that they have and the skill they have, the experience they have. And hopefully we could catch up with the front, which I think eventually we can add on to be a pretty good defense.”

What does Oregon do with it’s offensive line that makes it a challenge up front? “Oregon period is a great challenge for us. Just the style of offense they have led by Cameron Hunt up front. They’re actually - they can do both. They can position block you, they can be physical and come off the ball, they have obviously a great running back that compliments them in terms of finding gaps and finding holes and putting us in position for linemen to block them. We have a our work cut out for us. It’s a completely different game than what we just saw with Stanford. We will be tested for sure, both technically and discipline wise. We’ll see how disciplined our eyes are.”

Is the key against Oregon getting up field and disrupting their offense? “Hopefully. Hopefully we can get up field and disrupt not only the line, but their quarterback and get the ruing back doing more jumps stops and really pounding up the field. We’ll do our best. We’ll try to get up there.”

What does this series mean to you personally? “It means a lot. It’s a great rivalry that we look forward to. And as an alum, I’m speaking as an alum, it takes a lot of pride to be a part of this and understand the rivalry and what it means to us. As a coach, I’ll be a cheerleader on Saturday. So my job is from Sunday to Friday; I’ll do whatever I can as much as I can to get my guys prepared. But come Saturday, I’ll be the biggest cheerleader for them.” Top Stories