Huskies Very Cognizant of Charles Nelson

Washington Linebackers Coach Bob Gregory talked about his guys Tuesday ahead of the Huskies' second road trip of the season - this time to Oregon Saturday - but he also spent a minute talking as the Huskies' Special Teams Coordinator and the task he's faced with scheming against the nation's leading return man - Charles Nelson.

Does Oregon remind you of what you saw at Arizona? “Similar, yeah. One back stuff. They do some two back kind of, but one back type runs, exactly.”

On Royce Freeman “The two years that we’ve been here he’s kicked our butt. He’s a big, strong, physical back that has speed. He’s a good player. If he’s five, or two, or one, that doesn’t surprise me a bit. He’s  good football player.”

How do you approach Royce Freeman different than Christian McCaffrey? “Tackle him low. You don’t want tackle a big guy like that high, because he’s so powerful up top. You have to get a lot of around like you always do, but tackle him low.”

What have you seen from Dakota Prukop? “I think he’s a good football player. I think it speaks really well to there system that a guy who has only been there a yea is having that kind of success and these guys are still putting unbelievable in every category. Dakota Prukop has done a very nice job. He’s a good football player.”

How does Oregon’s tempo alter your substitutions? “We’re so used to that. We say its like hockey. t’s just the next group over the boards, you have to roll. That’s just part of how - our guys are now raised that way. It’s not as big of a deal in terms of the sub deal. We’re still going to sub;  we just have to make sure you sub at the right time. We’re still going to do it.”

What is it about the senior outside linebackers that seem to be getting better and better? “I think so. I think you want to have junior and seniors playing. When you lose a guy like (Tavis) Feeney or (Cory) Littleton, everybody’s going ‘oh my gosh, who’s going to replace them?’ But those two guys have been in the system for a long time. They have played a lot of football. They haven’t necessarily been the starters, but those guys have played a lot of football. Hopefully we can get our program that way at every position where you’re playing juniors and seniors. That’s the way it should be.”

On Keishawn Bierria and Azeem Victor “Good. I think really Keishawn (Bierria) is our best inside linebacker. He has really played very well, very consistently at a high level these last several weeks. So I feel very good about Keishawn. I think Azeem (Victor) is doing well too. I think Keisahwn has really made his mark a little bit this year.”

How do you go about stopping Charles Nelson on special teams? “I think it’s playing with great energy and great intensity. I think we’re going to see these great returners every single week, whether it’s USC or whoever it is that we’re playing, Oregon, they’re all going to have a top-notch guy like (Christian) McCaffrey. It’s making sure we execute at a high level and doing there job.”

How difficult is it to go down to Autzen? “It’s one of the most awesome places in the country I think. It’s great to be there. It’s great to coach there against them. It’s that kind of environment. It’s great. Hopefully our guys can handle that deal. I don’t think we necessarily handled it great in Arizona, so hopefully that was good for us and we can learn from that and play a little bit better in Eugene.”

On the three game losing streak for Oregon “I think offensively they’re still putting up unbelievable numbers. They’re doing a great job offensively. I don’t see them really falling off offensively. I don’t watch them on defense. It looks like they’re trying to put some things together there. They’re still a very potent offense that’s for sure.” Top Stories