Lake Says Players are Ready For Business Trip

Washington Defensive Backs Coach Jimmy Lake spoke with the media Tuesday about his guys' effort and efficiency in UW's 44-6 win over Stanford and how the secondary is applying a business-like approach to this weekend's road trip to Oregon.

Does the Arizona tape help at all? - “Yeah. We can take a lot from Rutgers and also from Arizona. Similar run scheme, but you know Oregon is going to have their wrinkles. They have some really good players in the positions they are handing the ball off to and throwing the ball to.”

Role the corners in the run game - “Very important. If you watch our tape we play a ton of man coverage. That makes the linebackers and the d-line worry about the run: we worry about covering up the receivers. And also we’re in the run game a lot. In the Stanford game we had Budda Baker aligned on McCaffrey wherever he went and he did an excellent job of executing the game plan.”

What have you seen from your guys with regard to the hype? - “They’ve been real business-like. They’re excited. They’ve been texting me - hey coach, what defenses are we going to play this week? Hey coach, I already watched the game, what do you think about…are we going to do this? Are we going to do that? They are just dialed in. They want to know what the game plan is for Oregon. For week six.”

And when did that start? - “Saturday. I was already getting texts from Budda. Budda is like hey, are we going to do this? Hold on! Patience. I’m still breaking it down. And then I shot him some texts on Sunday and he was like okay, okay. I’m calmed down now. But they are just excited to play. They are having a lot of fun, they are excited to hear the game plan, they are excited to break these guys down so they know what their responsibilities are going to be on Saturday so they can play fast.”

Does the extra day help? - “Yes. It’s a huge benefit. We had to work on a short week versus Stanford, but so did Stanford. And so we’re both on the same schedule. But this for sure, we get another day for our guys to heal up. It was another day for us as coaches to really get our game plan dialed in. There’s no question - any extra day for a game plan and for our guys to rest up will be beneficial.”

Challenges going up against Dakota Prukop - “Very, very athletic quarterback. He’s played a lot of football. He is the most accurate passer we have faced in 2016. He’s almost 70 percent completion percentage and this Oregon offense, their coaches do a really good job of letting their quarterbacks go through their reads. Whether it’s Mariota, whether it’s Vernon Adams and now it’s Prukop - you can see him going through his reads. They are disciplined, he gets the ball out on time. He’s got a wicked quick release. And you can’t sleep on him when he keeps the ball on the zone read because this guy is an athlete and he can run.”

Does ending the streak play into the role at all in terms of motivating the team? - “No. It’s week six. It’s week six, Oregon’s on the schedule, and our guys are excited to play week six.”

On Oregon’s offensive line coach saying the streak won’t end “I think their offensive line plays really,r really well. Think their offensive line coach is a great coach.”

On the Oregon receivers “(Darren) Carrington I think is one of the best receivers int the PAC-12. He’s one of the best guys we’ll face all year long. He made plays on us last year. He’s mad plays on everybody this year. He’s big, he;s athletic, he attacks the ball in the air. Then you go to number six (Charles Nelson), who’s also just a freak athlete. He played safety for them last year. He’s their returner. He runs as slot. He plays at running back. He’s a very, very versatile athlete. This is the fastest team that we’ve faced in terms of all their skill positions, that we’ve faced in 2016 so far. Then when you get to the running back position they have a first round running back (Royce Freeman). I said this last year. This is the number one true running back I believe in all of college football. You talk about a guy who’s 5’11,” 235 pounds, can run, has vision. This is a guy who will play 10 years in the National Football League. They right now lead the PAC-12 in rushing and it’s because of him, Royce Freeman. We have to stop Royce Freeman.”

What’s the difference in stopping Christian McCaffrey and stopping Royce Freeman? “McCaffrey is more of a versatile athlete. They can line him up at receiver, he’s a returner, he can line up in the backfield obviously. He does a lot of things for that offense, Stanford’s offense. Royce Freeman is the traditional get back in the backfield, hand the ball off, break d-tackles tackles, and once he gets in the secondary, that’s where the mismatch happens. You have a 235-pound running back that’s physical, brushing, fast, and he wears on you. We definitely have a challenge in front of us.”

Are teams getting out of their way to not throw it at Sidney Jones? “That would deb nice to know. We don’t really look at it that way. I don’t think they’re going away from him, but definitely when he’s been challenged he’s been there to make the play. You’d have to ask the other offenses. I think people, they go through their progressions and definitely if they look over their, number 26 (Sidney Joens) is plastered all over the wideout, they’re probably not going to throw it over there.” Top Stories