Smith Talks Tedford Influence spoke Wednesday with Washington Offensive Coordinator Jonathan Smith, who recapped what he saw on the tape of UW's 44-6 trouncing of No. 7 Stanford, as well as what the Huskies can expect to see from their next opponent - Oregon. He also talked about what consultant Jeff Tedford has brought to the offensive mix.

How do you carry over Friday’s momentum into this week? - “It was a ton of fun. That’s a good football team, Stanford. They’re gonna win a bunch of games. Our guys came out ready to play and it was a ton of fun. You move on to the next week. This is a big one too. We have to continue to prepare like we did and bring that same type of energy in a hostile place against a good opponent.”

Hard to keep that emotional intensity up? - “It is tough, but we’ve been preaching to ‘em really since day one - it’s on to the next game. Twenty-four hours, we analyze it, enjoy it obviously when you win, but our approach is not changing. Have to prepare the same way. The next game is always the biggest game. So this is the biggest game coming up on Saturday.”

How different is their scheme under Brady Hoke? - “Different from last year? It’s different. They are playing a little more four-down (linemen). Guys play with good effort. Different players from last year too. They are playing with some other guys. Theirs is still an aggressive style and they present some problems that way. They are aggressive. I think they are good in the secondary. Those guys can cover and run around and make some plays. So it’ll be tough.”

How has your role as play caller changed with more weapons and more experience this year? - “It’s different because, as you say, we’ve got more experience. Those guys have been through some things and pretty comfortable with what we have and knowing those guys and what they can do. Obviously when your quarterback plays at a high level everything is going to look pretty well, and Jake’s been playing at a high level.”

Can you talk about the mechanics of you and Coach Tedford and how that’s evolved over the course of the season? - “JT has been great, just bouncing ideas off of. He’ll obviously look at some stuff and present some ideas at the same time. It’s been nice having a guy that’s been around the block a few times and obviously has gotten some good offensive football, so his suggestions have been good so far.”

Any example or suggestion you can point to that has worked from him so far this season? - “There’s a bunch of different examples, like - hey, did you think about this route this way or maybe this guy should take another step here or the technique of the quarterback here…there’s a bunch of different things we come across. He’s been awesome to be around and like I said, he’s contributed.”

How difficult is it to add on to the idea of having to go up against a new coordinator when it’s hard enough to go on the road and win in the Pac-12? - “Any time you go on the road, especially in this conference, there’s a home field advantage for those teams that play at home. Look at us. When we play at home there’s a real advantage. That’s always a tough environment and that place gets as loud as anywhere. We’re going to have to be able to handle that.”

This game have any special meaning for you as a Beaver? - “Like I said, each game is the next game and is the biggest game. Nothing real special.”

On the option pitch - “There’s a couple pictures we thought we could get the ball on the edge, really to pitch it to Myles. We really didn’t want Jake to run it unless he had the look to do it. Defensively we thought we could get them in that alignment and it worked out.”

On the receivers outside of John and Dante - “For sure Chico McClatcher. That guy has been outstanding. Year one to year two, the growth that guy has become as a true receiver. He gives us a spark for sure. Really pleased with him. And then those guys are getting in the game - Andre Baccellia and Quinten Pounds are doing good things out there. We’re happy with how that group is progressing.”

What has Chico done to allow himself to be a bigger part of the offense this fall? Just more comfortable than when he was a true frosh? - “He’s definitely gotten more comfortable in understanding the concepts and route running and knowing the depths and the speed and where I want to get to the spots, so that’s been big. And obviously his multiplicity of being able to hand it to him whether he’s in the backfield or whatnot - that just adds to his package. The other thing is that he’s just been dialed in moving around. We put him in different spots and that takes a lot of mental energy, and he’s handled that awesome.”

On the four-minute offense against Stanford that turned into a 10-minute drive - “That was awesome. Really happy with that, especially the o-line, the way they came off the ball. Everybody knew we were going to run the ball there for a while, and we did. We had success with it. That was fun.”

The most impressive part of Jake Browning’s year so far - “His decision-making has been impressive. If you look at his execution in the red zone, the accuracy with the balls down there has been really good.”

Any particular area where you’ve seen growth from a year ago? - “A lot. For sure his management and understanding where we’re moving guys around, understanding what we’re trying to get done. And that’s been growth, because he’s just so much more comfortable going through it. I do think continuing…the deep ball has improved. We can still get better there, he underthrew a couple balls the other night, but his whole game right now we feel pretty good with it. We can still improve in some of it…like has he extended a couple plays and maybe not forcing the ball like that one throw against Stanford. But like I said, he’s playing at a high level, got a lot of confidence right now, and we’ve got to keep that going.”

What are you stressing to your guys as they get ready for that Autzen environment? - “We’re trying to make the point that it’s going to get loud, especially on crucial downs. Third down, red zone - I mean it’s going to be loud a lot. But crucial downs we’ve got to be focused in a lot in and listen to the snap count, knowing the snap count and being good. If you look at the ones where we jumped offside on at Arizona, one was fourth and one, one was down in the red zone and there’s another one on third down, a crucial down. So trying to make that an emphasis.” Top Stories