Aaron Fuller Has Taught Hamdan A Thing Or Two

Dawgman.com spoke Wednesday with Washington Receivers Coach Bush Hamdan, who gave insight into a few of his players, including Aaron Fuller. Hamdan said the true freshman from Texas has already taught him something this fall.

On preparing for Oregon “You put on the film the first time Sunday and just kind of get a feel and you hear the stories a little bit of where they’re at and those things, but we walked in that meeting making sure those guys know from a secondary stand point we think both these corners are as good as we’ve seen; number two (Tyree Robinson) is a longer kid who plays to the boundary. Number one (Arrion Springs) is a dynamic player and I think they’ve kind of found the two safeties they like. For us, we focus on the back end, this will be one of the better secondaries we see all year.”

On preparing the receiving corps to communicate through the noise at Autzen “We always use this term called verbal combat and for those guys it’s just so critical. You get on the road, you have 70,000 people against you, you have to be able to communicate within one another. We’re aware of that. We’re aware of what home field advantage has really been for the PAC-12 this year. I played at Autzen when I was a player. I know how loud that place is going to be. We have to be able to communicate for sure.”

On Jake Browning’s leadership “I think it’s two fold. I think from playing the quarterback position I think it’s one, obviously your off the field leadership and guys see how hard you’re working. Two, is is just your execution. I think those guys see a guy that play-in and play-out plays smart. He executes well. He handles the offense. I think that kind of breeds the leadership.”

On the focus in meetings knowing you have to go to a hostile environment “Yeah, we have to get bette.r I wasn’t necessarily super pleased with us in the second half of that Stanford game. Very well aware of how big a game this is. Have to play four quarters of football. Again, I’ve said this since day one with our position, we are different than any group in this team. I really believe that. We had come into this thing with so much to prove and I don’t even kind of feel like we’re even reaching where we need to be. We have a long way to go,”

What weren’t you happy with against Stanford? “I just feel like we have to continue to develop. Each guy I think is doing certain things that they do well, and they have to become more complete. That’s the biggest challenge. When you see different guys being able to do different things I think we get tough to stop.”

On Aaron Fuller “I think the biggest thing he’s probably taught me form a coaching standpoint is just a guy that has that savvy. He came in here, he’s a true freshman, he’s 18-years old, all those things, but from a savvy standpoint, that guy is pretty well advanced. A lot of times we can kind of plug and play him in different positions and do different things. His versatility and ability to be a savvy football player has been a huge help for us.”

Good to see Aaron Fuller score his first touchdown? “Yeah. There’s no doubt. And it was his birthday, too. That was special. Any time you see any of these guys, just the way they work day in and day out to be able to have an experience like that in a great environment versus a top-10 team, I think that’s special.”

What’s the disconnect with Oregon’s talent and output? “This is a tough league, there’s no doubt about that. I probably learned that from last year, the amount of games for us that came down to a touchdown or less and so forth. I’m not getting into that. I know this though. Talent-wise they have players in that secondary and we have to be ready to play.”

On receivers blocking downfield “I think you start to see progress there. I always tell them any time in the run game, that’s when you’re kind of showing who you are to this team. You’re showing your buy-in. I always tell those guys, from a coach’s standpoint, you watch that back copy, which generally only has the offensive line, and we’re trying to make sure receivers are showing up in that back copy, meaning they’re blocking safeties down the field. Just continue to stress that. I think the one things about the guys, I think the one thing about this program and the type of people who are here, they’re about this team. They don’t necessarily care who’s having the success as long as we’re having the success. That’s refreshing.”

On K.J. Young “I think it’s a for us, again not being able to get that guy in the summer, you really can tell how long it takes a guy to get in the mix a little bit. I will say this; I think he’s improving everyday. We’re also kind of fortunate right now it hadn’t been a situation that we’ve got to throw him out there, because we think we have some guys doing good things.”

On Chico McClatcher “I think first and foremost, we talk about Aaron Fuller we talk about savvy. When you talk about Chico McClatcher you just talk about a natural football player. I keep going back to that. Sometimes that’s lost in this day and age. Just a guy who is a football player. And the way he practices, his physicality, but I do think he’s getting more comfortable at the receiver positions, there’s no doubt. Being a high school running back, coming out there, routes are starting to make a little more sense. And I tell him with his speed and the way he plays the game, if he can kind of keep developing on a technical standpoint I think he’ll pose a lot of challenges for defenses.”

On Brayden Lenius “We’re just taking that thing one day at a time as well. We kind of know the situation he’s got going and he would have to - I’m definitely not just putting him in to play a couple reps here and there. That’s a guy that’s done some good things here. I’m excited about his future and we definitely want to be smart about that.”

Is redshirting him a possibility? “Yeah, it is a possibility. We’ll see as this thing goes.”

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