Post Game Video - Chris Petersen

See what Husky head coach Chris Petersen had to say following Washington's big win over Oregon...

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On scoring 70 points “I don’t think anybody, certainly me, wants to score 70 points. I think it was just one of those games, we came out in the third quarter and they scored, we scored, we couldn’t stop them there for a minute. Then we scored some more points. I’m glad they executed. It is what it is.”

On Jake Browning’s performance “He’s been playing at a high level, obviously. I think our receivers have been playing at a really good level. I think there’s a good mix of throwing deep and most guys knowing these guys can run, so they’ll play off. Jake will just take what they give him. It’s been a good cat and mouse game. I think some guys are showing up. Both those guys, John Ross and Dante (Pettis) made tremendous catches a couple different times and that’s what you have to have to really keep moving the chains and have something special happen.”

On John Ross getting open a lot “I don’t really know. Sometimes I have a bad vantage point. I think Jake (Browning) saw him a lot. He’s a hard guy to cover with that speed; he really is. I think there’s a good receiver on the other side with Dante. It’s a good combination. And the thing about Jake is he will go where the ball is supposed to go. He’s not going to just lock into ‘this is my fastest guy or this is my best route runner.’ He’s going to go where the coverage takes him.”

On the taunting penalty on Jake “I said ‘don’t do that again.’ Something like that. It’s not. It’s an emotional game and that’s not who he is. He knows it. I know it. Everybody knows it. He’ll have a hard day tomorrow.”

On Budda Baker’s interception to start the game “Yeah. That was awesome. It really was. I couldn’t see the pass exactly. I think it was close. It might have been a little behind. He got his hand in there. It was kind of just one of those plays. But to start the game like that, this has been a fast starting team for whatever reason. On special teams, on defense, on first drives. We really don’t talk about that. We almost tell them if it doesn’t start fast don’t worry about it; you’ll get into a rhythm because they’ve started so fast every game. But it’s awesome to go on the road and start like that. I think that sets the tone.”

On the support of Washington fans on the road “This is a loud stadium and we could hear our fans in the stadium. I could hear them in the first half. That’s awesome. How our fans were last week at home was awesome. I think everybody is hopeful we can take the next step as a program where we’re all in this together, where the fans come with us and they pack that stadium, truly make it the greatest setting in college football. It helps our guys play. There’s no question about it.

Are we starting to see the same Myles Gaskin from last year? “Yeah. I think he’d probably be the first to tell you when the big fellas up front can cover guys up, he’s such a patient guy. You kind of saw him get back to that. Then he’ll find that crease. He has deceptive speed and he can go. It was good to kind of get him going in a rhythm.”

“I’m just glad I don’t have to talk about the streak or have to answer that. That’s probably the number one thing I’ve been asked about since the day I got to Seattle. That’s why I’m really happy; I don’t have to answer that question.”

Is the bye coming at a good time? “Yeah. I think it’s good. I really do. You like them probably later than earlier and we’re right kind of in the middle. It will be a chance for us to look at ourselves coaching wise. It will be a chance for our guys to get rested up. I think they deserve a little bit of a break. I think there’s a fine line to that. We’re not going to practice a bunch, but when we do we need to really practice. That will be interesting. And if I know these guys I think they will practice hard. But we don’t want to get out of that rhythm as well. We’re in a really good rhythm right now. We pay close attention to keeping these guys fresh. How many reps we get in practice and how much distance they cover and games and practice. We’re in a good rhythm now. We don’t want to lose that. We have to be smart as coaches to figure out how to kind of keep that going over the bye week.”

“I don’t know. I just think we have a lot of - and I think they know this - we have a lot of football left to play. We’ve only played three league games. We have six more to play. We have the meat of our schedule to play. I always say, I just believe that any team can beat anybody in this league. I think our guys know that and believe it as well. If we can stay relatively healthy and keep practicing hard, those are two hard things. You start to get into the season and guys get dinged up and all these things. Then you get scared to practice hard. I think our guys have been practicing hard and I think that’s the only way you get better. If you go out and you really practice hard. You can’t just go through the motions and they haven’t; and they’ve gotten better.”

Any long term concern for Chico McClatcher? “I don’t think so. We’ll see. We think we’re going to have him back for our next game. That’s what we think, but you never know. Some guys recover faster or slower. Right now we’re thinking we’l have him back.”

Is that the same with Shane Brostek? “Yep. Both those guys.”

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