Post Game Video - Pete Kwiatkowski

See what UW defensive coordinator Pete Kwiatkowski had to say following Washington's big win over Oregon...

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How did the interception by Budda Baker set the tone? “It’s big time. Anytime you can take a possession away from Oregon and that offense it’s huge. They took the ball to open the game and first play Budda (Baker) was able to come up with that pick. That’s huge.”

Has Budda Baker stolen a pass from a receivers arms in practice? “Yeah. He amazes us because he does so many spectacular things in practice. The guys had a great week of practice, stayed grounded, went out and worked their tails off and came out here, and left it all out on the field.”

Did you know that fourth downs would be crucial for you? “They’re big, especially in the red zone. They’re a big team that it’s two down territory. In a traditional sense you can just pin your ears back on third down because they will run the ball. That was harped on all week. Just a matter of guys getting off blocks, getting some penetration on fourth down and getting guys down on the ground.”

Did anything change when Herbert was named the starter? “No. They do what they do. Whether it’s him or Dakota (Prukop) they were going to do what they were going to do. Our game plan is what it was and we were going to try to execute to the best of our ability whoever was out there.”

What was special about the defense today? “I just think guys made plays when we have to. There are always going to things we need to clean up and get better at. They played with great effort. We got some three and outs. Offense was able to capitalize and get points. I just think guys dd their job for the most part and kept everything in front of us and minimized the big plays.”

Does the bye week come at a good time? “I think so. It’s the middle of the year. These guys have been grinding all through August. This six weeks they’ve been awesome, staying focused, and not only the physical energy that they put out, but it takes a lot of mental energy. I think it will be good for these guys to heal up a little bit. Some of these bumps and bruises they’ve got. We have six more games and they’re going to be physical games and we need everybody at full strength.”

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