Post Game Video - Jake Browning

Here's what Husky sophomore QB Jake Browning had to say following Washington's 70-21 win over Oregon...

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Opening - “I just did my job, tried to just stay within the offense, not do too much because it’s a big game, rivalry game. So just stay within it and do my job.”

Six TD passes. How did that feel? - “Felt good.”

On the fade patterns to John Ross - “We work on that. I think they were trying to take away some of the slants and it opened up. I thought he did a good job of, on the touchdowns, catching it and getting the feet in. On some of those I might have thrown it too far or something like that. But he did a good job of catching those in the back of the end zone. And then Dante had that great one-handed catch and a couple of touchdowns too.”

How is the game out there for you now, speed-wise? - “I’m locked in to what I need to do, mentally before games to prepare. And I’ve got a good system going on before during the week that helps a lot. At the end of the day we’re making plays on the perimeter and we’re running the ball really well. For me it’s just going to operate, don’t try and do too much and take care of the ball, go through my reads and do what I’m supposed to do.”

On the first TD and the personal foul - “I don’t know what that was. With the rivalry game that got the best of me or something. That’s not my character, that’s not who I am. That’s not what I was raised to be. That was bad.”

On the TD and running tempo - “Just called the play and ran it. That’s one of our ‘go fast’ plays. I just felt like everybody was in the box and there was no one outside so I just kept it.”

Any significance to getting to 70 in this game? - “We’ll take a win no matter what, but yeah it’s kind of cool. 77 would have been cooler. The more points you can score the better. Yeah, it feels good.”

With two blowout wins back-to-back, what do you think people think of you guys right now? - “I don’t know what people are thinking. Probably thinking we’re playing pretty well. But for us going into a bye week we’ve got to do a lot of self-evaluation stuff. We’re 0-0. It’s a good start but that’s it. You’ve got to finish well and in the Pac-12 any game can be the one that you lose, so we just have to go into this bye week and attack it and practice hard and get better and get ready for Oregon State.”

Do you understand the significance of this win? - “Yeah. We obviously understand it. Behind closed doors we were all very happy with the rivalry win but just try and tune that out as much as possible and make it like another game. I think that worked.”

Enjoy the bye week or wish there was another game coming right up? - “Enjoy the bye week. Like I said, a chance to watch a lot of yourself on tape. You don’t have as much time to do that when you’re preparing for Oregon or whoever it is. So just being able to watch that and take those little things I think I need to do better…I started out with a good deep ball but I missed a couple the last few games. Obviously I’m happy with the performance but there’s a lot of things I need to get better at.”

On Gaskin’s game - “The way they were playing they were bringing a lot of pressures. It was that thing of, we’re going to get a yard, maybe get knocked back but then we’re going to break a big one because you live and die by the sword if you’re going to blitz. That’s kind of what happened. The linemen did a great job of blocking like they did last week and I think they’ve got a lot of momentum heading into the bye week. Everybody just needs to self-evaluate and get better and get ready for Oregon State.”

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