Post Game Video - Myles Gaskin

Here's what Washington RB Myles Gaskin had to say following the Huskies' 70-21 win over Oregon...

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How did it feel to see 70 on that scoreboard? - “It feels good. It’s just good to win. Nothing about points or things, it’s just the way we went about it. It was a great team win. We were doing everything on defense, we were throwing the ball really well - Jake was doing his thing like always. And John was doing his thing, everybody was doing their thing. It’s a great team win. One of those feelings where everybody’s doing well. It’s one of those feelings you really can’t explain.”

I think it’s an opponent record here - “Oh well.”

Heard it’s the most given up by Oregon at home. Heard that? - “No. Sounds good.”

What was Oregon doing that allowed you to break loose? - “Wasn’t so much what they were doing. They were a good defense. I don’t want to take anything away from those guys. They are a real tough team, real hard-nosed. That was our o-line though: our o-line was doing their thing. I don’t know how may times I’ve got to say it: our o-line is real tough, guys that are really ready to play football. Just have nothing but love for the game and for each other. They were doing their thing so it was a great day for those guys, which also makes it a great game for myself, Lavon, Jomon, Jake, the receivers - because everything starts with those guys.”

Being a Seattle guy, does this mean a little bit more to you than some of the other guys? - “I don’t know. Maybe. They haven’t really said it I guess. I’m just happy we won. It’s another game won and just keep on pushing.”

But you’ve been a UW fan since you were a kid. - “Nah I wasn’t. I was just a little kid doing my thing. I was never a fan of anybody, really. I just hung out when I was little, so it’s one of those things where I’m learning about it now that I’m here.”

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