Post Game Video - Keishawn Bierria

Here's what linebacker Keishawn Bierria had to say following Washington's 70-21 win over Oregon...

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On ending the streak “I definitely just try to share with my brothers .We all deserve it; we all equally work as hard. This is what we’ve been working for ever since we touched down in Washington, just putting on that jersey and saying we play for ‘U-Dub’ is a special thing. We take pride in that. We definitely go out there and show who we are every time we touch the field.”

On the difference between the team this year and last year? “I would say we study together. We just family, we work hard together, rehang out together. This is a family. That’s all I can really say about it. From offense to defense we’re a family; we got each other’s back. And regardless of whatever situation we’re in, we’re going to stay together.”

Was it special to beat Oregon? “It is special to beat Oregon, but every win this year is going to be special for us. We just have to keep this going.”

On Budda Baker’s interception to start the game off “That’s Budda Baker right there. That’s ‘Death Row.’ Any chance we get we’re going to take the ball away. He was hungry for the ball. We just went out there and made plays, but that definitely set the tone for today.”

Was it good to beat Oregon for the first time in your Husky career? “Today was special. It’s definitely not about them. This team has never set foot in Oregon. That streak, that’s for the past people who came threw here. This team has never seen Oregon; Oregon has never seen his team. They never have seen Jake Browning, John Ross, or Jojo like we have. We know each other like nobody else does and we’ll do whatever it takes. Every week we show up, we grind, and we’re going to come back ready in two weeks.”

On Jake Browning’s eight touchdown day “I’m just happy as the next guy on the team to go out there and see that offense doing their job. It was clicking on all cylinders today and it was amazing. I’m a fan when they’re on the field.”

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