Post Game Video - Kaleb McGary

Here's what sophomore offensive lineman Kaleb McGary had to say following Washington's big win over Oregon to get to 6-0 on the season...

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What’s the difference between the team from this year to last year? “I think, aside from being the classic cliche, we’re actually a team now. We really do. It feels like a unit. We all have each others’ backs. That’s what we tell each other on the sideline. If the defense gives up a score, the offense, we’ll go around telling them ‘we got you’re back, dude. We’ve got you, man.’ We’ll put up seven points for them. Likewise, the offense won’t score, the defense is the same thing; ‘we’ve got you. They aren’t getting in on us.’ We’ve meshed so much now. The belief in each other and what we’re doing has just grown exponentially. It’s incredible to feel how far we’ve come and how much we can accomplish now that we’re in a mental place and physical place to get to those goals that we’ve really circled and wanted to get to for so long.”

Does the team need to regroup after a two game stretch like this? ‘We certainly have a lot of games left. This is only three games in the league. We have another six to go. We defiantly have to come with our boot straps on.”

How much does it mean to end the streak? “It’s huge. It means a lot, certainly for us, but certainly for the rest of Husky Nation too. It’s them and the Cougs, man. These are the guys that we have hated for so long now. For years they’ve just embarrassed us. Finally we get to come in and set the record straight.”

On scoring 70 points against Oregon ’12 years coming, man. It’s been 12 years in the making. Most of our losses weren’t exactly ‘moral victories.’ It feels pretty good.”

Do memories of losing big to Oregon show up get recalled before games like this? “I think, me personally, I work up every little piece of hatred I can for each team, whatever it takes to get me going. I think, really, in general, we just think ‘what can we do to these guys? How much can we prove ourselves?’ That’s really what it’s all about. Coach Petersen says it all the time. We’ve started to reflect that too. We just look to prove ourselves how good we can be each week.”

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