Post Game Video - Dante Pettis

Here's what junior wide receiver Dante Pettis had to say following Washington's 70-21 win over Oregon...

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On scoring 70 points “Pretty good. It shows what our offense can do I guess. We work hard and it’s paying off.”

How good was Jake Browning tonight? “Ridiculously good. The checks he was making, he was on it. All the preparation, it definitely paid off for him.”

On Jake Browning’s national recognition growing “Yeah, definitely. He’s always going to try to play it off like ‘no, we still need to get to work.’ He’s doing a lot a stuff.”

Does this game show that big performances are the standard? “We have to bring it every night no matter who we play. I think that’s shown and we worked so hard in the offseason, everything. And everything is coming together now and it’s showing.”

On the national view of the Huskies “I guess it’s real. It’s not just hype. It’s real. I think that’s what it was.”

Did you and John Ross talk about stepping it up in the absence of Chico McClatcher? “Honestly, no. We both just kind of knew Chico’s not here, we’ve got to step it up. Someone has to take over for him. Aaron Fuller did a really good job with that. We didn’t really have to say much.”

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