Browning Couldn't Care Less About The Hype spoke Wednesday with sophomore quarterback Jake Browning, who reiterated his lack of any interest whatsoever in the hype surrounding No. 5 Washington right now during their bye week. For those that have been listening to Browning the last couple of years, this should come as no surprise.

On leading the nation in an assortment of stats “We’re putting up points. I don’t know. If Myles (Gaskin) is leading the country and rushing touchdowns and we’re 6-0, I would feel good about that too. It is what it is. Putting up points, people are making plays all around on offense. It kind of seems like all the attention is coming to me for some reason and it’s like Dante (Pettis) had a one-handed catch on not a great ball and (John) Ross is beating people that it’s just an easy throw and we’re taking screens to the house. But then everybody’s asking me about stuff. I feel like we’re just making plays all over, running the ball well, playing well on defense, we get a lot of possessions. It’s just kind of working. Can’t let al let cameras and all these articles and all that change your focus. We’re just staying focused.”

Do you reflect on the success this season during the bye? “No. You just have to get ready for Oregon State. I think it’s a little less physically demanding week because you have to get your body back. For certain positions you’re going at it for six games and it’s a lot on your body. I think getting treatment and all that, getting your body back to the best you can get it to and getting ready for Oregon State.”

Will it be different dealing with the hype now that you’re 6-0? “No. Our goal is not to be 6-0. It’s to beat Oregon State right now. That’s the goal. We want to be 7-0. That’s what we’re focused on. All the personal accolades and all that or whatever watch list, whatever it may be for me or anybody on defense or anybody on offense, that’s not what we came here to do. We came here to win as many games as possible and right now the next one is Oregon State so that’s what we’re going to do.”

On handling the attention in the locker room “I feel like the more watch lists you’re on the more you’re getting made fun of in the locker room. I’ve been made fun of more these last three days than I have since the whole time I’ve been here. That’s pretty much just how it is.”

What can you get better at during the bye week when you don’t have an opponent to prep for? “You more just have a chance to watch yourself, watch all your snaps; I’ve watched all the passes and all that. Kind of keyed in on a few things I think I need to improve on. You get into the six game, it can be easy to kind o let the fundamentals go. That’s a nice thing to work on during the bye week. And just getting your body back and getting ready for Oregon State pretty much.”

Are there somethings about your play that even surprise you? “I’ve had good fortune on a couple of things. Myles (Gaskin)’s touchdown run against Oregon, I’m supposed to check something and not run into that. They messed up on defense, so I kind of got bailed out. There’s definitely some stuff I need to work on. You’re never going to play a perfect game no matter what your stats are. You just have to keep working, keep getting better, and try to get better every week.”

On exceeding expectations as a scrambler “I was always a pretty decent scrambler in high school when I had to.  I think it’s hard to emulate in practice. High school in practice we would just sit there, throw, and in practice you’re not live. You don’t really get a chance to - for me the instincts don’t kick in like ‘I need to scramble.’ It’s more like I’m sacked because that’s a sack. It’s just different in practice. Once the games come, once you feel pressure, not a panic, but you feel like you have to get out and scramble. That’s kind of what I do.”

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