Dante Pettis Knows Oregon Win Was Big

Dawgman.com spoke with junior receiver Dante Pettis Wednesday, who gave his thoughts on the improvement of quarterback Jake Browning, and also how he's been hearing it from his peers ever since he got back from Oregon: the 70-21 win over the Ducks was huge.

When did you notice that Jake Browning was different in his preparation? “Really like the first time I was talking to him. We were talking about the position battle and he was basically just like ‘this is my quarterback spot. This is my spot to win.’ I was like ‘okay, he means business.’

What did you think about that attitude coming from a freshman? “I honestly hadn’t really seen him play yet. I saw his highlight films, so that’s high school so you never really know how that carries over. I was like ‘that’s a bold statement to make, but let’s see if he can back it up.’”

Is there anything Jake Browning is doing way better than he was doing last year? “I don’t think there’s anything in particular. His deep balls, actually. I think his deep balls have been a lot better. But really it’s just gradually getting better in every aspect. He doesn’t try to really force anything in there. He just sits back and lets the game come to him.”

Have you heard buzz about how big a deal that win was? “Oh yeah. People are still hitting me up on Twitter, Instagram, and all that stuff saying ‘hey, that game was huge. Way to get that win for us.’ So yeah, I definitely do feel it. Students on campus will be like, ‘good job. Good job beating the Ducks. Let’s keep it going.’ So yeah.”

Is it hard to block distractions out with all the attention? “I don’t think it’s too hard. Coach Petersen has really done a good job of drilling into us like ‘don’t let that get to you.’ Just because we’re ranked that high doesn’t mean we’re going to win. They don’t have anything to do with how you play. We just have to keep coming back to work every single day.” 

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