Andrew Kirkland Knows His Role spoke Wednesday with junior offensive lineman Andrew Kirkland Wednesday about his unexpected start at right guard versus the Oregon Ducks, going back to the right side of the offensive line, and more.

On his week leading up to Oregon? “It was pretty fun. Coach Struasser let me know that I was going to play some right guard this week. I really had to get dialed in and really just focus in as much as I could just on keep reeling in the position and just be as versatile as I can.”

Does playing both sides of the lien come naturally to you? “Yeah. It took a lot of work just coming in because we had a lot of guys rotating in and just playing both sides. It’s more natural now because I’ve taken a lot of reps at it.”

How do you see your role on this team? “My role is just t be the best team player I can and be ready if someone goes down. Be able to play the position or if they need me to start to be able to start. I just want to be the best team player as I possibly can.”

What does it mean to get the start and win in your home state of Oregon? “It was fun, a lot of fun. It’s one of those things. I just wanted to be the best player I can and how I can help the team.”

How long did you know you were starting? “I just started on Tuesdays. Started taking reps with the ones. Kind of early.”

Did you have a lot of family and friends at the game? “I had my core family there and a few friends. It was kind of nice.” Top Stories